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Customer Stories | employee communication apps

Discover how our employee app works, from Speakap customers themselves. Read the stories, watch the Speakap customer testimonial videos, and find out how some of the biggest brands connect and engage their frontline employees.

How Basic-Fit Integrated a Smart Chatbot Within an Employee App to Streamline Communication

Hospitality employee communication apps

How to address repetitive inquiries from club employees effectively & efficiently? With a smart chatbot integration within an employee app. Here is how Basic-Fit made it happen.

How Restaurant Company Europe Transformed Employee Communication with an Employee App

Hospitality employee communication apps

How to effectively communicate crucial operational information while engaging a diverse workforce across numerous locations? With a branded employee app that allows to efficiently reach & inform all employees Here's how Restaurant Company Europe (RCE) did it.

How Kalahari Resorts Enhanced Employee Communication & Wellbeing Through Speakap

Hospitality employee communication apps

How can Kalahari Resorts increase awareness and engagement of associates in wellness activities, while improving overall employee communication? By using an employee app that is not merely a communication tool; but an extension of their commitment to holistic well-being. Here's how Kalahari Resorts did it.

How De Waal Auto Group Uses Speakap to Navigate Communication Challenges & Sustain Company Culture

Facilities employee communication apps

How can De Waal Auto Group effectively address communication challenges and maintain a cohesive company culture amidst rapid growth and decentralized departments? With an employee app that streamlines internal communication and fosters a sense of unity among its employees. Here's how De Waal Auto Group did it.

X²O Badkamers Launches Speakap After Asking Other Retailers How They Approach Internal Communication

Retail employee communication apps

The X²O Badkamers group has 29 showrooms in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The head office is located in Ghent and the warehouse is located in Evergem.

Kinepolis Improves Internal Communication & Connection With Employees via Speakap

Hospitality employee communication apps

Kinepolis is a Belgian cinema chain known for its state-of-the-art theaters and immersive cinematic experiences. With locations across Belgium, including major cities like Brussels and Antwerp, Kinepolis offers a wide range of films, from blockbusters to independent releases, in modern and comfortable facilities.

Brinks Chooses Speakap for Unified Staff Communication Between Frontline & Desk Staff

Logistics employee communication apps

How can you communicate effectively with both security officers in the field, who use their smartphones, and with desk staff who work on their laptops? With an employee app that facilitates safe, efficient two-way communication. Here's how Brink's did it.

Basic-Fit Leading the Way in Promoting Inclusivity: Pronouns Feature

employee communication apps employee apps

Inclusion in the workplace is not a buzzword; it's a fundamental component of creating a thriving, productive, and harmonious work environment. Inclusion means more than just acknowledging diversity - it's about valuing and making every individual, regardless of their identity, feel included, represented, and heard.

National Railroad NS Retail Relies on Internal Communications for Employee Engagement

Retail employee communication apps

From delicious pasta at Julia's, croissants at AH to go or the best cup of coffee at Kiosk, NS Retail manages stores at train stations across the Netherlands.