How Domino’s Germany Uses an Employee App

It’s awesome to be a growing brand (especially when the product is so good), but how do you maintain steady growth?

For Domino’s Germany, the answer was simple: put employee well-being at the center of everything, and increase employee engagement using an employee app. Domino’s Germany partnered with Speakap to create ‘Domino’s Chat’, their own branded employee hub that keeps frontline employees connected with the right information, wherever they are.

Stoffel Thijs
CEO, Domino’s Germany

Domino’s Germany has been around for a while, but it really got serious in 2016 when we bought the market leader Joey's Pizza with over 200 stores, and we converted them to Domino's Pizza. And ever since, we've been organically opening a lot of stores…and that's what brought us to Speakap.

The reason we chose Speakap or Domino's Chat, ‘DC’ as we call it in the office slang, is that at Domino’s we say ‘number one in people, number one in pizza’. That means we can only be the number one in pizza if we are number one in people. People crave connection, and Speakap, being an employee app, does that for us. The employee hub is part of the way that we connect all our team members, not just inside their stores, but throughout Germany.

Dennis Kreutzer
Regional Manager, Domino’s Germany

I mainly communicate with our franchise partners, our eight managers in the stores, and, of course, with 130 frontline employees every day. There’s a lot going on! I think that with Domino’s Chat there is an increase in employee engagement, and there are more successes that are shared.

With the employee app everyone is visible — from the driver to the manager or franchise partner. No one is left out. And of course, that increases employee well-being.

Everyone likes to receive praise, and with the employee app, your gratitude is shared directly with the frontline employee.

Lisa Metzger
HR Manager, Domino’s Germany

Our employee app, Domino’s Chat, has become our everyday communication tool, and everyone is using it. It’s a really practical tool for the internal communications in our headquarter, but also to reach out to our partners in a transparent way.

Dennis Batbayli
Head of People and Culture, Domino’s Germany

We have a very recognizable branded employee app that helps new frontline employees feel directly part of the Domino’s family.

It is absolutely amazing because Domino’s Chat helped us build our company culture. It's very important for us to share wins, and to share best practices so that we can learn from each other and ultimately increase employee productivity.

Kathrin Lange
Internal Communications Manager, Domino’s Germany

Domino's Chat allows Domino’s frontline employees, or ‘Dominoids’ as we like to call ourselves, to take part in the communication straight from the employee app, no matter where they are, no matter where they’re based.

We’re always hungry for feedback. Domino’s Chat helps us receive and provide feedback, which increases employee engagement. It fits perfectly well within our corporate values.

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