• Slow communication between the head office and factories in different locations. The factories must always keep safety, hygiene and productivity at the highest standard 
  • Difficulty in sharing information with the distributed frontline employees in a swift and productive way – especially during a pandemic 
  • Sending the right information at the right time to all employees or teams is challenging with traditional communications like emails and texts
  • Sometimes frontline employees lack knowledge about products and promotions that customers are already aware of


Frontline employees in the factories and head office are connected and engaged using an employee app. Factories are able to share best practices and improve quickly using an employee app. Also, safety and policy changes are adopted faster.

Distribute contentnImpact:

Frontline employees receive instant news updates and relevant information from management on their mobile phones, no matter where they are.

+80% of the employees signed up for the employee app in the first 30 days, +5x logins per day.