How can Kalahari Resorts increase awareness and engagement of associates in wellness activities, while improving overall employee communication?

By using an employee app that is not merely a communication tool; but an extension of their commitment to holistic well-being. 

Here's how Kalahari Resorts did it.

The Challenge:

How to effectively communicate our employee well-being initiatives?

Kara Ruchti, Director of Corporate Culture and Retention at Kalahari Resorts, faced a unique challenge in communicating the Be Well initiative. The diverse generational makeup of their workforce, spanning Baby Boomers to Gen Z, added complexity to traditional communication methods. Email limitations, especially for line-level associates and supervisors without Kalahari email addresses, presented obstacles. 

Overcoming these communication difficulties and catering to varied generational preferences became crucial for the success of the well-being initiatives. The introduction of the MyKalahari app aimed to bridge these gaps and streamline communication across all levels of the organization.

The Solution:

A branded app called MyKalahari to enhance employee communication & well-being

In early 2023, Kara and her team embarked on a journey to transform employee communication and well-being at Kalahari Resorts. Recognizing the diverse generational makeup of their associates, spanning Baby Boomers (6%), Gen X (15%), Millennials (34%), and Gen Z (45%), they knew that the solution had to be as multifaceted as their workforce.

The solution emerged in the form of the MyKalahari app, developed by Speakap, which seamlessly integrated with their comprehensive wellness program, Be Well: A Kalahari Wellness Program. This app is not merely a communication tool; it has become an extension of their commitment to holistic well-being. MyKalahari has become the digital hub where associates could access a wide range of content related to wellness. 

P.S. In a recent webinar, Kara Ruchti and Daren Jennings, CCO at Speakap, discussed how Kalahari boosted employee wellbeing and wellness through internal communication in more depth. Take a look at the webinar recording below!


Within the app, associates can easily find resources and event updates related to physical wellness, mental well-being, career development, financial wellbeing, and work-life balance. It allowed associates to engage with wellness activities that catered to their individual preferences and needs.

The Results:

MyKalahari app has led to increased awareness and engagement of associates in wellness activities, improved communication, and enhanced support for associates

The integration of the MyKalahari app and the Be Well initiative has likely led to the following successes:

  • Increased awareness and engagement of associates in wellness activities and resources across various dimensions of well-being, including physical, mental, career, communication, financial, and work-life balance.
  • Improved communication, particularly reaching supervisors without Kalahari email addresses and line-level associates, addressing a significant challenge.
  • Enhanced support for associates through a comprehensive approach to wellness, reflecting Kara's dedication to their well-being.
  • An efficient and accessible communication system that caters to the diverse linguistic and technological capabilities of the workforce, primarily attributed to Kara's leadership.

Associates have enthusiastically shared their experiences:

"MyKalahari is nice to have access to because I can check on what's happening or see updates or news whenever I have time, and it's right at my fingertips. I don't have to worry about missing anything."

"I have been part of Kalahari just long enough to have experienced a time before the wellness program was up and running and now that the program is active and I am so very thankful for all the opportunities the wellness program brings to all us at Kalahari.”"