How to address repetitive inquiries from club employees effectively & efficiently?
With a smart chatbot integration within an employee app.

Here is how Basic-Fit made it happen.

Basic-Fit is Europe’s largest and fastest growing fitness operator known for its affordable memberships and They offer clubs that include seven different training zones, as well as a Basic-Fit app. With over 1400+ clubs across Europe, 3.8 million members and more than 8,000 employees, Basic-Fit aims to make fitness accessible to everyone.

The Challenge:

How to address repetitive inquiries from club employees effectively & efficiently?

Basic-Fit noticed that often customer service cases originate from club employees. New club employees get onboarded in a few days with a lot of information. This can lead to a situation where, when faced with a specific member inquiry, the employee (in their eagerness to be helpful) may reach out to customer service (CS) for clarification. 

While this ensures members receive the correct information, it can result in a high volume of repetitive inquiries for CS. The challenge lies in equipping club employees with the resources and knowledge to efficiently locate answers to these specific member questions, minimizing the need for immediate CS support.

The Solution:

A smart chatbot integration within the Orange Connect employee app

Basic-Fit had a great idea - if they can implement a smart chatbot with an up to date knowledge database, they can help Basic-Fit club employees get answers to these questions more efficiently and quickly. Which in turn means they can help our members better in the club.  As a result, ideally reducing the workload for CS. The employee chatbot would also make sure they can remain scalable.

Thus, Basic-Fit chose to integrate a smart chatbot solution (with the help of in their internal employee communications app, Orange Connect (developed by Speakap). Why did they choose to integrate it within the app as well rather than having it available only on the desktop platform? Since their employees use the employee app and not always the desktop version. Making the chatbot available in the app would ensure accessibility and convenience for employees, furthermore aligning with their preferred platform for accessing resources and tools.

Quotes from club employees about the integration and launch of the smart chatbot within Orange Connect:

“Great, it's going to be a huge help to 
our new reception staff and even 
to our existing ones!” 

“It's a really great new service, it's going to save a lot of time and it's also going to allow all the employees to have support other than their colleagues if they have any questions!”

Basic fit chatbot

The Results:

A significant decrease in customer service inquiries & improved productivity

Their employee app Orange Connect helps as a channel for getting the smart chatbot in the hands of frontline employees, allowing them to quickly get answers to any questions they might have. As a result, improving customer experience, sales, and productivity. Having the chatbot in their employee app gives a great opportunity to centralize all the manuals, knowledge articles and display it in a friendly/faster way for our club employees.

"Since everyone is already familiar and comfortable using OrangeConnect, integrating the chatbot there made perfect sense. It allows our employees to get the information they need quickly and easily, right where they're already at."

Sec Ching Yong, Basic-Fit
Sec Ching Yong

The ongoing pilot of the chatbot has shown promising results. With a recognition rate of 70%, there has been a noticeable decrease in customer service cases since its launch, indicating a positive impact on operational efficiency.  In terms of case reduction, Basic-Fit saw the following: 

  • Reduced customer service cases: Since launching the smart chatbot, they have seen a significant decrease in both email and phone inquiries.
    • Clubmail inquiries: After a decline in October, clubmail inquiries saw a further reduction in November and continued to decrease in December.
    • Phone inquiries: Phone inquiries experienced a significant drop in October compared to November. This downward trend continued in December with an even steeper decline.
  • Improved member experience: By resolving common inquiries and providing immediate answers, the chatbot has helped streamline the customer service process and reduce wait times for members.

  • Increased efficiency: The chatbot has freed up their staff to focus on more complex issues, improving overall efficiency and allowing Basic-Fit to better serve our members.

Next steps: The focus moving forward is to improve the smart chatbot’s recognition rate and promote its usage among club employees. Additionally, plans are in place to implement a GenAI tool to expedite the expansion of the knowledge base, facilitating smoother scalability for future deployments across different regions.

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