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Walk employees through key processes with {goo}Employee Journeys{/goo}

Take your workforce through multi-step information flows, and bring them up to speed with Employee Journeys around Onboarding, Training, and Organizational Change. Create, automate and launch tailored content for specific groups, regions and departments.

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Employee Journeys

Straight from your employee app

Automate content

Save time by creating step-by-step content for repetitive processes, straight from the tool your employees already use.

Execute with ease

Automatically target the right audience. Notify end users about completing Employee Journeys via push notification or email. 

Track progress

Track participant progress in the Journeys admin panel. As needed, you can edit an Employee Journey anytime to implement live feedback.

Use cases

How you can use Employee Journeys



Create and implement easy-to-follow workflows to onboard your employees.

You can also:

Create pre-boarding Employee Journeys, to engage them as soon as they sign

Create off-boarding Employee Journeys, to automate and simplify their departure

1. Journeys onboarding


Set up basic training information flows.

For example:

Create bite-sized training that can be rolled out quickly

Attach videos and images to each step

2. Journeys trainning

Company information

Disseminate company information to every employee.

For example:

With Change Management, explain the reasoning, implementation process, and intended impact

Share company history, organizational structure, work tools, and checklists

Create agendas and session information for multi-day events

3. Journeys company info-1

Safety & Compliance updates

Create Employee Journeys to make sure your workforce is always aware of the latest safety & compliance updates.

Such as:

Updated regulations

Safety requirements of new tools

4. Journeys compliance

Security awareness

Keep employees informed of the latest security measures within your organization.

For example:

New cyber security regulations

On-site security awareness

Updated protocols

5. Journeys security


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AI is here. Let's work smarter.

Use our AI integration in Employee Journeys to help create content quickly and provide easy steps for your workforce to follow.

Translate your existing PDFs and print-outs into an online format

Edit the first draft our AI provides

Attach documents, videos & images

Track employee progress

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