Tap into your {goo}Data’s{/goo} potential

Compass Premium transforms behavioral data into actionable insights that help you steer your strategy.

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Harvir Snow
Just now
Hi Marlie, can you send me a list of best performing updates within your department?
Marlie Watson
Just now
Sure, Harvir! Just a sec.

What Compass Premium does

Measure the impact of your work

See what's happening

Measure adoption, engagement and content performance across your company to spot trends and find out where to improve.

No setup required

Get instant answers through easy-to-read dashboards. Best part? You don't need a data analyst to interpret data for you. You are all you need.

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Assign data experts on all employee levels and know they have full visibility to take immediate action where needed.

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Make each message better than the last

Know the most popular login times and the best-performing content on your platform. Create a data-driven content calendar that gets better with each piece of content.

Stat cards

Compare performance across teams

Want to know which locations, departments and teams are engaged and which are absent? Compare data from different teams in one dashboard.


Powerful dashboards behind the scenes

Answer every question

Are employees reading and engaging with my content?
How do engagement rates compare across regions?
How many updates are posted monthly?
How many times do users sign in every day?
What percentage of users are actually using the platform?
Which type of content is the most popular?