• Frontline employees are using private messaging tools (such as WhatsApp) to share information, and print out their work schedules
  • Lack of instant support when employees call in sick, making it difficult for management
  • Managers cannot easily interact with employees and share new promotions, menu changes and/or HR related news 
  • Frontline employees resort to using public social media channels to communicate about work-related matters instead of using a social intranet
  • HR doesn’t have an internal marketing tool to easily communicate about employee recognition and rewards
  • Frontline employees are not always tech savvy, and most don’t have a corporate email address


An employee app that lets frontline employees receive important HR related information, view work schedules, and properly communicate relevant information with guests/customers to give them the best possible experience. Also, information is shared faster across the facility for all hourly staff via an employee app.


Faster onboarding, higher employee satisfaction, and better guest service.

+80% of the employees signed up for the employee app, and +3.2x logins per day.