• Difficulty in sharing the latest updates with all frontline employees to ensure the best brand experience for customers
  • Frontline employees are using too many tools to keep track of numbers and schedules
  • Desk and non-desk employees receive updates via different communication channels, and some are hard to reach (especially those in distribution centers)
  • Two-way communication, feedback, and sharing of information across thousands of colleagues and thousands of stores are difficult to manage without an employee app 
  • Lack of communication between store associates and headquarters when launching new stores


A  branded employee app for frontline employees that makes it easy to receive important product-related information, share messages with colleagues, see targets and performances, check schedules, get notified about new learning materials, and share achievements.

Employee app


An employee hub that starts and ends a frontline employee’s work day. One place to reach them, one place for everything they need.

  • Reaching employees with news updates and product/promotions awareness increases employee engagement 
  • Frontline employees stay connected with features such as News, Private messaging, Events, and File sharing
  • Employee productivity is guaranteed with integrated work schedules, e-learning, and surveys