Our beliefs


In a time with endless ways to connect, people are more disconnected than ever. 

 We use technology to communicate in every possible way, but when it gets too complicated, we feel alienated. 

 We’ve all suffered with inefficient communication channels, outdated intranets, and convoluted systems that no one wants to use

 Technology should not complicate our lives. It should improve them

 In 2010, the founders of Speakap worked as retail floor managers. They noticed a communication gap between frontline employees across shifts, departments, and locations. 

 They knew they had to do something about it. Thus, Speakap was born

 At Speakap, we believe that technology serves its purpose only when it adapts to your needs and not vice versa. 

 We stand for simple, direct, and efficient communication that helps you reach every employee with the right message at the right time. 

 At Speakap, we don’t sell software. 

We sell change

 For companies to tap into their full potential

For leaders that want to build a more productive workforce

For employees that always want to stay updated

You deserve it. 

So do your employees.