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Stay on the pulse of your organization.

Connecting employees across teams, locations, and roles.

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Reach your frontline instantly

Most organizations can't reach and engage with their key frontline employees - the employees who don’t have a business PC, business phone or business email address. Instead, companies rely on channels that are outdated and simply not fit for purpose, such as local chat groups, private social media, quarterly magazines and notice boards. This huge workforce is underserved with vital work-related information. In a world where speed is more of the essence than ever before, companies are burning value and bottom line.


Reduce the noise increase the buzz

Employees want more relevant information from their employers, and managers are seeking ways to deliver that information but there’s a disconnect: intranets, newsletters, and company magazines don’t provide a real-time, measurable, two-way option.


The case for engagement is clear

Whether it’s to improve customer experience, to provide better onboarding, or to decrease employee turnover, the business case for employee engagement has been made. Yet global employee engagement rates are falling, with just 24% of workers claiming to be highly engaged. Organizations are not communicating with employees how employees want to be communicated with.


Empowering Rituals employees

How does a brand with 1,500 locations across 27 countries - and a constantly changing range of 550 products - manage to communicate immediately, clearly, completely and in a fun way with its 8,000 employees around the world? Watch how Rituals empowers its entire workforce to do everything from celebrating personal moments and professional achievements, to swapping best practices or grooming tips between stores.

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Fits your brand and grows with your business

The answer lies in a private, secure platform that looks and acts like a consumer social app, but can be branded with your corporate logo and colors, as well as match the way your business is set up.

Ready-to-go desktop app

Custom login backgrounds, favicon, network emblem and custom interface colors to match your brand

Grows with your company

Automatically activate or remove employees when they’re hired or stop working for your company

White label mobile apps

Employees can download the unbranded (standard ) or branded (premium) app directly on to their mobile devices themselves

One stop shop

Integrate your existing tools easily through our Advanced Open-API


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