All-in solution for internal communications

Speakap is a closed communications platform for your organization. Easily find and share knowledge and information, connect with your target audience and communicate in a safe environment.


Optimize internal communications within your organization

On the road, at work or at school: Speakap is always available, even when you don’t have access to a computer. With Speakap, you can communicate and collaborate on any device with internet access. Anytime and anywhere, from manager to sales representative: Speakap is easy, efficient and practical.


Personalize Speakap with your custom theme

By customizing the theme to fit your brand colors, Speakap gets the look and feel of your business. For example you can customize the color of the header, buttons and links but also the background of the application.

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Software integration

Speakap can be integrated with existing software within your organization, such as SharePoint, HRM or workforce management software. Speakap acts as a social communication layer and is the one-stop platform for all information and communication. Login for instant access to all relevant information and updates.

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Speakap at a glance


Clear Timeline

Speakap uses a clear timeline, similar to those on other social networking sites.


News Items

Receive relevant information using push notifications on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Private Messages

Communicate one-on-one or with several people at once by sending private messages.


Personal Profiles

Speakap’s extensive profile pages give you instant access to who works where in your organization.


Document Management

Using a user-friendly folder structure your documents are always retrievable and accesible.



By creating different groups, you can always see the information you find relevant.


Speakap Enterprise

Create business units and departments that reflect the structure of the organization.


External Users

 External users cannot access company sensitive information.

Wondering how Speakap fits within your organisation?

Want a demonstration or a good advice on how to integrate Speakap in your organisation? We are happy to visit you to discuss the options.