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12 Major Pitfalls When Relying on Whatsapp for Internal Communication

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Is WhatsApp your company's key internal communication tool? While WhatsApp may appear to be a convenient and free solution, relying only on it might lead to a myriad of issues in the long run. This article will look at the 12 primary problems of utilizing WhatsApp for internal communication and present an all-in-one solution to solve these challenges.

25 Employee Appreciation Ideas for Frontline Workforce

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Learn 25 creative employee appreciation ideas to boost morale, show you care, and improve productivity. From nature outings to escape rooms, find the perfect way to say thank you to your frontline team.

Performance Management and Employee Engagement: A Winning Formula for Frontline Teams

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This blog explains how synergy between performance management and employee engagement strategies is a winning formula for frontline teams. It covers practical strategies and dos and don'ts to help you maximize this dynamic duo's transformative impact. Ready to discover how to combine performance management and employee engagement for motivated, high-performing teams?

Employee Experience Framework: The Definitive Guide for HR & Business Leaders

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In this blog, we discuss the employee experience framework and how you can create it step-by-step for your organization. We will also cover ways to measure the ROI of your employee experience framework and discuss common challenges and their solutions. Read to learn how to design, implement, and measure an EX framework to boost engagement, reduce turnover, and unlock business success.

Employee Journey Mapping Template

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Employee journey mapping provides the context and blueprint you need for taking focused actions concerning different employee lifecycle stages. Download our free employee journey mapping template to visualize your employee's lifecycle, identify touchpoints, and improve engagement & retention.

Employee Journey Mapping: What is it & How to Get Started

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Ready to learn how employee journey mapping can boost employee experience and benefit your business? In this blog, let’s explore employee journey mapping and why it's essential. We’ll also touch upon its main components and share how you can create an employee journey map specific to your organization.

Decoding Mark Zuckerberg's 2008 Email - A Masterclass in Internal Communication?

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Remember that 2008 email from Mark Zuckerberg outlining Facebook's priorities? Let's delve deeper into this email and extract the valuable nuggets of wisdom it offers for leaders navigating the complexities of internal communication.

Speakap Named Easiest to Use Frontline Worker Communication Platform in G2 Spring 2024 Report


Speakap, an employee experience platform, has been recognized as the Easiest Set up and Admin Frontline Worker Communication Platform in G2 Spring 2024 Report. These prestigious awards solidify the market position of Speakap as the simplest and most user-friendly solution in the market, empowering businesses to effortlessly connect with their deskless workforce.

6 Employee Development Examples to Keep Your Team Engaged

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Looking for high-impact employee development examples? Here are six real-world talent development examples for enhancing your workforce’s skills and capabilities.

Crafting An Employee Experience Strategy: The Roadmap to Employee Happiness

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Are you interested in improving employee satisfaction and engagement? This white paper explores strategies and solutions to build a successful employee experience (EX) program. It also features a case study on how LEGOLAND® used an EX platform to boost employee morale!