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Top 4 Features of Employee Engagement Solutions That You Must Look Out For

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How do you choose from the many employee engagement solutions? Check out this blog to identify features that matter.

G2 Summer 2024 Report: Speakap Named Easiest Admin & High Performer in Multiple Categories

Speakap, the leading employee experience platform, has been honored with multiple G2 badges in the Summer 2024 report. Notably, Speakap received the Easiest Admin Badge for multiple quarters in a row! Speakap 🤝 network admins!

Why Creating a Great Frontline Employee Experience Starts With Tech Tool Consolidation

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Let's get real for a sec. Your frontline workforce is lost in a jungle of apps. Need to chat? There is an app for that. Learning & development? Yup, another app. Payslips, scheduling, feedback—you name it, there’s an app for it. Tech promised to make life easier, but here we are, drowning in tools. Instead of a streamlined workday, we’ve created chaos. Multiple logins, different interfaces, and confusing learning curves are turning employee experience into a nightmare. But, what’s employee experience, and how does tech tool consolidation impact it? Let’s find out.

20 Employee Engagement Strategies So Good, Your Workforce Will Never Want to Leave

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Are you ready to transform your workplace? Discover 20 employee engagement strategies that will boost your workforce's motivation and commitment, making them never want to leave. From appreciating frontline workers to promoting work-life balance, this blog covers all the bases to ensure your frontline employees are engaged, productive, and driven to contribute their best.

Did You Know That Ineffective Communication is the #1 Productivity Killer for Frontline Teams?

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Question for you: What do you think is the #1 productivity blocker for frontline teams? Is it a lack of training? Unclear goals? Inefficient processes? While these are all valid concerns, a hidden culprit is lurking behind many frontline productivity challenges: ineffective communication. In this blog, we will be diving deep into how ineffective communication hinders frontline teams' productivity. We'll explore the root causes, their impact, and most importantly, actionable strategies to break the cycle and empower your workforce.

How AI-Powered Intranet Platforms Enhance Employee Collaboration and Productivity

AI-powered intranet platforms are making noise in the world of internal comms lately, and we reckon it’s for a good reason. Integrating AI within intranets unfolds unmatched ease of collaboration and boosts productivity. Research suggests that using AI in business has improved performance by 66%. Isn’t this what you’d love for your organization, too? In this blog, we’ll share ways to leverage AI in your intranets to help your teams work smarter. Tune in for ways to improve collaboration and productivity using AI-powered intranets.

Retail Outlook Event 2024 Recap: Highlights and Takeaways

The Retail Outlook Event 2024, organized byQ&A Insights & Consultancy, took place on June 20th and brought together hundreds of retail experts to share insights and their experiences.

Internal Communications in 2024: Advice from 10 Industry Leaders

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As we step into 2024, industry leaders are reshaping the narrative, offering invaluable insights that transcend conventional norms. In this blog, we delve into the wisdom shared by experts who are revolutionizing internal communications, providing a compass for navigating the ever-evolving dynamics of the corporate world.

Revolutionizing Employee Retention: Success Strategies for HR Leaders

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Looking for sustained growth and bottom-line success? In this brief guide, we’ll dive into some effective retention strategies. Read on for insights and actionable ways to cultivate an environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated to stay for the long haul.

How to Create an Inclusive Culture at Work with Technology

Building an inclusive culture at work is necessary to ensure motivated and productive employees. Here’s how you can use technology to establish it in your organization.