Boost Your Employee Engagement

Engaged employees, engaged customers. Build a company culture that’ll motivate internally and resonate externally.

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Your employee engagement software

Retain your staff with better employee experiences


One app to engage all employees

Employee engagement starts with having the right information to do the best job possible. Introduce a branded and user-friendly employee app to connect your HQ and frontline workforce.


Put your people first

Set up polls, organize quizzes, and send out surveys to get feedback directly from your employees. Boost engagement by giving employees a platform to recognize and celebrate achievements.


Build a recognizable employee engagement platform

We use your company logos and colors to create an employee engagement tool that’s instantly recognizable and loved by your employees. Your corporate identity is top of mind, and the app is an extension of that.


"Rituals is all about enjoying the small moments in life. That’s important for our customers, so therefore it’s also important for our frontline employees who are working with our customers every day. Therefore, we need people who are passionate about that vision and about our brand."

Arjen Schouten, COO - Rituals


What we don't make, we integrate

We build features that our customers and their employees need, such as our task management tool. But, we recognize that every company uses different tools to get the job done. That’s why Speakap is customizable – one employee engagement platform integrated with all the tools your employees already know and love.