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Integrations and technical features

Integrate your existing software with Speakap for an optimal experience.

All your tools in one place

Speakap can be fully integrated with existing software within your organization. Log in on Speakap for instant access to your data and associated software. This will save time and give you the best Speakap experience.

Speakap API

The Speakap API makes it possible to integrate your existing or custom software packages. Think of your todo list or work schedule software. Curious about the possibilities or get started with your own integration? Please contact us or check the API documentation.

Check API docs

Want to know more about the possibilities?

Download our feature and integrations sheet, to learn what you can accomplish.


Speakap core features

Speakap offers the total package for communicating and collaborating efficiently with your entire workforce, ensuring that they don’t need to switch between tools. That’s why we are continuously developing and adding new featured.

Check the features

Upcoming features

Speakap is already complete but there are still some improvements and features to add. Interested in what’s coming up? Check out our roadmap to see what great features will be delivered in the neir future.

Check the roadmap