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Switching between employee apps is not just annoying, it's also a waste of time. Give your team that time back by creating one workplace intranet (that's us!) that connects your entire tech stack.

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One digital workplace for frontline employees

With Speakap, there are two ways to create your own employee hub: with our built-in features like Task Management, and our API marketplace to integrate all your employee tools. These integrations are embedded into your desktop and mobile apps, enabling single sign-on. Build your own social intranet!

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Digital HR tool

Keep your people engaged

We know you care more for your employees than processes, but getting processes right sets them up for success. Integrating Speakap with your HR tools ensures everyone has the access they need, automatically. Employee changes made in your HR system automatically translate to adding, moving, or removing them from Speakap, along with their corresponding groups and permissions.

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Learning tools

Learning drives performance

Your employees are your biggest assets, and they deserve to be treated as such. Integrate Speakap with e-learning tools to keep your workforce informed and up-to-date with digital onboarding and training.

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Bring your tools together to help your company work as one.

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Productivity tools

Ease of use + productivity = business impact

Simplifying everyday operations is critical for businesses, especially in industries with a large frontline workforce. Corporate and frontline teams do their jobs differently. They need right-fit digital solutions. Integrate Speakap with your productivity tools, so every employee can access their work.

Productivity tools

“We use a lot of applications in our organization. We wanted to offer a seamless user experience, and Speakap was chosen as our single point of entry to access applications such as our CRM, ERP, time and attendance, and e-learning tools.”

Marjolein Van Daele, Internal Communications Manager - Red Cross Vlaanderen

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Forms and surveys

What your employees really think

Getting structured feedback from frontline employees can be difficult, especially with multiple logins across platforms. Integrate Speakap with your forms and survey tools to get real-time insights on your employee’s needs and overall satisfaction as it evolves over time.

Survey tools

Scheduling tools

Right on schedule, every time

Your staff needs instant access to shifts and schedules. Calling around for shift replacements or swaps is a significant waste of time and energy. Integrate Speakap with your employee scheduling tools, help employees share availability and stay on time.

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“Super happy with the service and tools of Speakap! Amazing platform :)”



“Invaluable team communication resource for anything imaginable!”



“The best alternative for complex and expensive communication platforms”