Kinepolis is a Belgian cinema chain known for its state-of-the-art theaters and immersive cinematic experiences. With locations across Belgium, including major cities like Brussels and Antwerp, Kinepolis offers a wide range of films, from blockbusters to independent releases, in modern and comfortable facilities.

The Challenge:

How to improve communication between employees regardless of where they work?

With approximately 1800+ employees at Kinepolis, of which around 70 percent work in cinemas and have limited access to computers during their work, the head office faced a challenge. Insight into daily events in the cinema complexes was limited. Kinepolis aimed to improve communication between employees, regardless of where they work.

The Solution:

A branded KineTalks employee app that allows to interact more actively with the staff, making the employees real ambassadors of Kinepolis.

Kinepolis chose to launch a tailor-made app called KineTalks developed by Speakap. This branded app reinforces the feeling that it is a communication platform by and for Kinepolis.

In addition, it offers the opportunity to interact more actively with the staff, which makes the employees real ambassadors of Kinepolis.

"For us, Speakap is a tool to reach all employees and better inform them about products, to interact with them and to make them ambassadors."

Anneleen Van Troos,
Corporate Communication Manager at Kinepolis


The Results:

Quickly and naturally adopted new and effective form of communication.

Speakap proved to have a seamless start and integrated effortlessly into daily work processes. It was quickly and naturally adopted as a new and effective form of communication. Employees have responded positively to it and it is not experienced as disruptive, which has contributed to its broad acceptance within the entire employee group.

An additional advantage of Speakap is that it enables Kinepolis to communicate directly with employees who do not have a professional email address, such as interim employees and staff on the floor. This used to be a challenge.

The openness of Speakap as a platform offers Kinepolis numerous future possibilities, including the integration of specific HR modules, with which communication and interaction within the company can be improved even further.