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How are business outcomes linked to internal communications practitioners? What is the role of internal communications in change management and communicating about new technologies?

4 Internal Communication Strategies to Boost Productivity

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Incorporating internal communication strategies is vital to business success in today's fast-paced world. It’s commonly seen that poor communication between team members impacts key performance indicators (KPIs) negatively.

Crafting a Positive Company Culture: Tips for Supporting Frontline Workers

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It’s becoming increasingly clear to internal communicators that company culture is an integral part of any business. And it’s especially crucial when it comes to organizations with frontline workers. A well-developed culture can have a huge impact on the overall success of an organization, as it dictates how employees interact with each other and with customers. It impacts employees with job satisfaction, a sense of belonging, and boosts morale.

From Good to Great: How Workplace Culture Drives Employee Engagement

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Workplace culture is one of the most potent driving forces in an organization. It is the attitude and beliefs about how things get done and is felt in all communications, settings, and actions. This is the human factor of the business that can keep employees motivated, inspired, and feel secure in their work.

What Do Manufacturing Employees Want?

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It’s no secret that retaining employees in the current job market has become increasingly difficult. It’s especially true when looking at the manufacturing industry, where turnover rates can be high. So what should you do as an internal communicator or HR professional in a manufacturing company? There are several ways to retain manufacturing employees. We tell you some of the most effective strategies below.

How to Bring Construction Laborers Into the Fold

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One of the key challenges facing the construction industry is cross-departmental communication. With field workers, it can be difficult for these employees to feel valued and heard since they don’t work in an office environment where they can readily interact with coworkers and corporate management. And, all too often, key company messaging doesn’t make it out to them in a timely fashion, creating disconnects within the organization and a decline in employee morale.

5 Ways to Manage Labor Shortages in the Construction Industry

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If we look at the current labor shortage stats, it is no surprise that recruiters need help to keep up with workforce demands in the construction industry.

Employee Investment: What Should HR Do to Retain Employees?

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Retaining employees has become a recurring topic of discussion recently as many companies struggle to reduce high turnover rates. It's no secret that high turnover rates can lead to decreased productivity and higher recruitment and training costs. And that means internal communicators and HR need to implement strategies to retain employees.

Investing in People for Business Growth

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Any internal communicator knows that engaged employees are productive employees. And when you invest in people, it often leads to significant business growth. It's a well known practice that by investing in people, they’ll have the motivation and drive a business needs to grow and succeed. Companies can then maximize their return on investment and position themselves for sustainable growth.

Why You Can Benefit From Employee Training

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Let’s face it, employee training has become an essential part of any business. It shouldn’t be overlooked in your strategy. In fact, investing in employee training can help you develop a successful and productive workforce that can really shape the future of your business. Just imagine the impact you could create.