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Why Your Frontline Workforce Needs Employee Engagement

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Why is employee engagement important for growing companies? How can an employee engagement platform improve frontline communication? What are the benefits of using an employee hub?

Employee Engagement Best Practices for Growing Companies

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What are good employee engagement practices? How do you retain employees? How do you bridge the employee communication gap between HQ and the work floor? Is measuring employee engagement important?

Employee Communication: Key Takeaways From HR Technology Conference ‘22

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Let’s face it, a big part of Human Resource management involves technology these days. And why is that? Digitization of HR can impact the employee experience, but can also impact communication between HQ and the work floor. With the right tools in place, digitization of HR can also have an economic impact on companies.

3 Lessons HR Specialists Can Take From Rituals’ Employee Engagement Platform

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When Rituals, a global cosmetic company, started to see rapid growth, they adopted a branded employee engagement platform to keep their workforce on the same page. They called this Speakap product, ‘Rituals Connect’ – one app to keep all employees connected. With it, they’re able to share knowledge from HQ to employees, provide trainings, and strengthen their onboarding experience.

10 Employee Engagement Quotes from Titans

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In today’s day and age, employee engagement is everything for company growth. And that’s especially true for frontline employees. Customer-facing (frontline) employees who are happy, bring the company more profit – especially when they’re motivated and well-informed. If the workforce is aware of products and services, they’re able to provide a seamless customer experience, which naturally makes you stand out from the competition.

Three reasons why factory workers should stop clocking in manually

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For decades, the manufacturing industry has been using traditional processes such as clocking in and clocking out. Factory workers manually ‘check in’ using physical time sheets after arriving at the warehouse, and ‘check out’ once their shift is over.

How Domino’s Germany uses an employee app

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It’s awesome to be a growing brand (especially when the product is so good), but how do you maintain steady growth?

Struggling to reach your factory workers? 3 ways to reach everyone on the manufacturing floor

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The main goal of any manufacturing company is production. But in order to enable your employees to do their best work, you’ll need to extend your internal communications strategy to the work floor. You may be surprised to find that production levels increase when your factory workers are informed and connected. What’s more, is that you could prevent all kinds of hiccups just by reaching the production floor faster and more efficiently. 

People first, pizza second: how Domino’s keeps growing by engaging its frontline employees

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Josine, our Product Marketing Manager, caught up with Dennis Batbayli, Head of People and Culture at Domino’s Germany, to get a taste of how the world-renowned pizza brand engages its frontline employees – most of whom are from the younger generation. Prior to his eleven years (and counting) in the pizza business , Dennis started his career in the fitness industry. Yes, we were surprised too. It’s obvious that fast food and fitness are worlds apart, but the common thread, for Dennis, has always been the people and the company culture. Keep reading to see how he successfully engages the brand’s frontline employees by using  Domino’s Chat, a branded employee app created by Speakap.

An HR Director's insight: your frontline communication needs an employee app

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We caught up with Tara McKinney, Human Resources Director at Clarkson Construction Company, who has implemented the Speakap platform in three separate manufacturing and construction companies in the United States. The purpose? To engage employees, connect frontline employees with the head office and to generally increase reach and accessibility to company news and information. Here’s what she had to say about employee engagement and frontline communication.