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4 Internal Communication Strategies to Boost Productivity

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Incorporating internal communication strategies is vital to business success in today's fast-paced world. It’s commonly seen that poor communication between team members impacts key performance indicators (KPIs) negatively.

Why Frontline Workers Need a Single Source of Truth

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If today’s labor market suggests anything, it’s that companies need to rethink their retention and recruitment strategies.   The hospitality industry, for instance, has seen the average hourly wage go up 22% since November 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This has changed since the pre-pandemic as employers offer more competitive pay to refill positions lost or eliminated during Covid.

How Can Internal Communicators Drive Business Growth?

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What is the role of an internal communicator in relation to business growth? What initiatives can internal communicators take to contribute towards the company’s success?

How Can Internal Communicators Improve Retention of Frontline Workers?

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Why does employee retention matter? What are some tactics that internal communicators can use to increase employee retention? How can internal communicators convince management to invest in employees?

From Good to Great: How Workplace Culture Drives Employee Engagement

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Workplace culture is one of the most potent driving forces in an organization. It is the attitude and beliefs about how things get done and is felt in all communications, settings, and actions. This is the human factor of the business that can keep employees motivated, inspired, and feel secure in their work.

How to Bring Construction Laborers Into the Fold

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One of the key challenges facing the construction industry is cross-departmental communication. With field workers, it can be difficult for these employees to feel valued and heard since they don’t work in an office environment where they can readily interact with coworkers and corporate management. And, all too often, key company messaging doesn’t make it out to them in a timely fashion, creating disconnects within the organization and a decline in employee morale.

5 Ways to Manage Labor Shortages in the Construction Industry

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If we look at the current labor shortage stats, it is no surprise that recruiters need help to keep up with workforce demands in the construction industry.

Top 10 Employee Engagement Best Practices for HR

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Employee engagement best practices are essential for any HR team looking to create a positive working environment for their organization. Highly engaged employees are more productive and better problem-solvers, leading to greater innovation and higher customer satisfaction. Engaged employees also stay with the company longer, reducing costly turnover.

How nexeye Engages a Workforce of 4,000 on an Employee App

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How do you instantly communicate with each and every frontline employee across 3 brands and 5 countries? How does your message get across in the retail industry with a dispersed workforce?

4 Proven Tactics to Reach, Train and Engage your Entire Workforce

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We joined forces with our partner MobieTrain, the #1 mobile microlearning app, to address the challenges of reaching, training, and engaging frontline employees. We looked at how an employee communication app can support organizations with a deskless workforce. Featured: Erwin van der Vlist, Co-founder and Product Expert at Speakap, and Guy Van Neck, CEO & Founder at MobieTrain.