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Revolutionizing Employee Retention: Success Strategies for HR Leaders

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Looking for sustained growth and bottom-line success? In this brief guide, we’ll dive into some effective retention strategies. Read on for insights and actionable ways to cultivate an environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated to stay for the long haul.

Empowering Employee Engagement & Retention with Cutting-Edge Technology

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Technology is transforming employee engagement and retention for deskless workers. So, if you want to vitalize employee satisfaction, productivity, and profits while slashing turnover, this blog is a must-read. Discover the latest strategies and insights for empowering your frontline workforce.

Crafting a Positive Company Culture: Tips for Supporting Frontline Workers

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It’s becoming increasingly clear to internal communicators that company culture is an integral part of any business. And it’s especially crucial when it comes to organizations with frontline workers. A well-developed culture can have a huge impact on the overall success of an organization, as it dictates how employees interact with each other and with customers. It impacts employees with job satisfaction, a sense of belonging, and boosts morale.

What Do Manufacturing Employees Want?

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It’s no secret that retaining employees in the current job market has become increasingly difficult. It’s especially true when looking at the manufacturing industry, where turnover rates can be high. So what should you do as an internal communicator or HR professional in a manufacturing company? There are several ways to retain manufacturing employees. We tell you some of the most effective strategies below.

How to Bring Construction Laborers Into the Fold

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One of the key challenges facing the construction industry is cross-departmental communication. With field workers, it can be difficult for these employees to feel valued and heard since they don’t work in an office environment where they can readily interact with coworkers and corporate management. And, all too often, key company messaging doesn’t make it out to them in a timely fashion, creating disconnects within the organization and a decline in employee morale.

5 Ways to Manage Labor Shortages in the Construction Industry

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If we look at the current labor shortage stats, it is no surprise that recruiters need help to keep up with workforce demands in the construction industry.

Future of the Workplace: Modern Tech for Employee Retention

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Employee retention is an increasing challenge in this economy and post-pandemic world, according to GP. Bullhound's Technology Predictions 2023. That means that there’s a clear demand for employer-employee engagement to support businesses in retaining talent, as per their prediction around talent management. It’s important for companies to match employee expectations that will become even more relevant in the future of the workplace.