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Using AI to Supercharge Communication in the Workplace

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As OpenAI launched the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 (GPT-4) on March 14, 2023, an instant buzz around generative artificial intelligence (AI) took over the world. Even though this was initially limited to paid customers of ChatGPT, it spawned massive curiosity, excitement, and ethical questions across Internet users.

Why Should You Encourage DEI in the Workplace?

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DEI policies are a necessity in modern-day organizations. They ensure employees feel safe and engaged, and this boosts overall productivity and growth metrics. But where do you start to implement DEI in the workplace?

Top 10 Internal Communication Tools to Consider

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Communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. All levels of employees from desk staff to field workers need to be informed and engaged by management so they not only feel valued for their contributions, but can keep projects running efficiently, on time, and on budget. This is particularly the case in sectors with frontline staff where there are so many moving parts that must align.

Microsoft Down: What the Outage Taught Us About Internal Comms

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It’s clear that companies heavily depend on internal communication tools to get their message across to thousands of employees at a time. But when communication features like Teams and Outlook of Microsoft are down, productivity and access to information can be heavily impacted.

Internal Communicators: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know, but Were Too Afraid to Ask

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With ChatGPT — the prototype AI chatbot developed by OpenAI — exploding across the internet, we too have been busy dabbling with the tool – can you blame us? 

4 Leadership Training Tips to Build Trust in the Workplace

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Only 2 in 3 workers trust the decisions their organization’s senior leadership make (Ipsos Karian and Box, online survey May 2022). So how can leaders build trust in the workplace? As an expert of Internal Communication Strategy, one of the ways that you can gain your place as a trusted advisor in the company is by rolling out leadership training that can positively impact frontline workers and build trust in the workplace.

Generation Z and the future of internal communication

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Talented members of generation Z, born between 1990-2000, are slowly but surely entering the workplace. They clearly have their own opinions, expect a lot from their employers and don’t need to be told about social media and smartphones. Welcome to the new era of internal communication!