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Empowering Employee Engagement & Retention with Cutting-Edge Technology

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Technology is transforming employee engagement and retention for deskless workers. So, if you want to vitalize employee satisfaction, productivity, and profits while slashing turnover, this blog is a must-read. Discover the latest strategies and insights for empowering your frontline workforce.

Internal Communications in 2024: Advice from 10 Industry Leaders

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As we step into 2024, industry leaders are reshaping the narrative, offering invaluable insights that transcend conventional norms. In this blog, we delve into the wisdom shared by experts who are revolutionizing internal communications, providing a compass for navigating the ever-evolving dynamics of the corporate world.

Check Out These 19 Employee Advocacy Statistics for 2024

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In a modern world where individuals value authenticity, transparency, and meaningful connections, encouraging employee advocacy is a strategic success driver for organizations. Employee advocacy includes any activities by employees that actively promote and champion a company's brand, values, products, and services—for example, employees resharing company posts on their social media handles and raising awareness.

Corporate Communication Strategy Template for Internal Communicators

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60% of organizations suffer from poor corporate communication, resulting in low productivity and a lack of employee engagement. Sometimes, even the senior team struggles to list their organization’s strategic priorities. When probed, only 28% could articulate three. Let’s look at what a corporate communication strategy is, what it should include, and what you should expect it to achieve for your organization. Also, how to choose the right type of strategy for your needs and how to measure success.

Guide to Employee Engagement in Manufacturing

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Engaged manufacturing workers are 70% more productive, 78% safer, 44% more profitable, and turn out higher quality work than unengaged workers. While in practice, the manufacturing sector has chronically low engagement.If organizations want to remain competitive, it's time to act.

Crafting a Connected Workplace: Insights into Employee Engagement Platforms

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Disengaged employees hurt an organization’s overall productivity and revenue figures. An employee engagement platform helps HR professionals and internal communicators enhance employee engagement. In this article, we look at what an employee engagement platform is and how companies can use it.

50 Essential Survey Questions for Your Next Employee Survey

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Employee surveys can be a valuable tool for understanding your organization. After all, employees are the team’s heart and soul, they are what makes up your organization's heartbeat. While gauging employee satisfaction in one-on-one or team meetings can be challenging, purposefully crafted team survey questions can empower yous to gain a deeper understanding of their employees' needs. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of essential employee survey questions covering various topics. Ready to discover which questions to include in your next employee survey?

How Employee Experience Management Software Improves Employee Engagement Levels

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Employee experience can seem like a puzzle that needs solving. However, a little empathy and a smattering of personal interest can go a long way. Put simply, employee experience is the summation of adventures, perceptions, and emotions that your employees associate with your organization throughout the employee lifecycle. The key to unlocking its potential lies in adopting cutting-edge employee experience management software. It's not just about gathering employee feedback; it's about managing the entire employee journey, with precision.

18 Employee Engagement Statistics You Need to Know About

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In organizations worldwide, 77% of the workforce remains disengaged, which poses a substantial threat to productivity, profitability, and overall success. With a highly engaged workforce, businesses can avoid obstacles such as decreased productivity, increased turnover rates, and the potential erosion of customer loyalty. Employee engagement isn't merely a matter of personnel management; it is a business imperative that demands attention from company leadership. By the end of this article, you'll be equipped with actionable information to make a persuasive case for prioritizing employee engagement in your organization.

Employee Engagement Score: What is it & How to Measure It

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Have you ever felt the weight of unspoken workplace frustrations? Your company's success depends on addressing these very issues – it's all about employee engagement. While sometimes overlooked, it's undeniably vital. In fact, companies with high employee engagement levels leave their less-engaged counterparts in the dust, outperforming them by an impressive 202%. So, what precisely is an employee engagement score, why is it significant, how to measure it and what steps can you take after you’ve gathered the score?