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Top 10 Employee Engagement Best Practices for HR

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Employee engagement best practices are essential for any HR team looking to create a positive working environment for their organization. Highly engaged employees are more productive and better problem-solvers, leading to greater innovation and higher customer satisfaction. Engaged employees also stay with the company longer, reducing costly turnover.

4 Leadership Training Tips to Build Trust in the Workplace

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Only 2 in 3 workers trust the decisions their organization’s senior leadership make (Ipsos Karian and Box, online survey May 2022). So how can leaders build trust in the workplace? As an expert of Internal Communication Strategy, one of the ways that you can gain your place as a trusted advisor in the company is by rolling out leadership training that can positively impact frontline workers and build trust in the workplace.

4 Tips for Performance Reviews With Frontline Workers

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Performance reviews can be scary. But they don’t have to be. They’re simply designed to review your employees’ progress, highlight areas for improvement and implement strategies for skill development. It’s a dedicated moment to help employees improve their skills, efficiency and confidence.

How nexeye Engages a Workforce of 4,000 on an Employee App

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How do you instantly communicate with each and every frontline employee across 3 brands and 5 countries? How does your message get across in the retail industry with a dispersed workforce?

How to Build a Business Case

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Let’s face it, building a business case that allows you to capture people’s attention and get the investment you need can be difficult. So how do you convince the leaders in your organization about the importance of employee engagement and communication? How do you get them to invest in new technologies such as an employee app and tell them about the benefits?

4 Proven Tactics to Reach, Train and Engage your Entire Workforce

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We joined forces with our partner MobieTrain, the #1 mobile microlearning app, to address the challenges of reaching, training, and engaging frontline employees. We looked at how an employee communication app can support organizations with a deskless workforce. Featured: Erwin van der Vlist, Co-founder and Product Expert at Speakap, and Guy Van Neck, CEO & Founder at MobieTrain.

How Penn Entertainment Uses an Employee Communications App

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How do you instantly communicate with each and every frontline employee across a casino? How does your message get across in an establishment that's busy, large, and open 24/7?

Priority for an Operations Director: An Employee Communication App

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We spoke with Sanne Oosterhoff, Group Operations Director at nexeye, the optical retail platform that includes chains Hans Anders, eyes + more, and Direkt Optik (with more than 700 stores and 4,000 employees, operating in 5 European countries). Sanne has implemented an employee communication app (using Speakap) at three companies (!) throughout his career in operations. 

How Bever Reaches 2,000+ Employees Across 40 Locations With an Employee Communications App

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Reaching frontline employees can be a challenge, especially when time-sensitive news or updates need to be shared from HQ to floor workers. How do you ensure that each and every frontline employee gets the right message at the right time? How do you reach them in times of crisis? How do you make sure they have the information they need to do their job?  The short answer: using an employee communications app.

How to Engage Employees With Personal Growth Initiatives

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Why is employee engagement important for HR and internal communication professionals? How can personal growth initiatives help increase employee engagement? What types of personal growth initiatives can HR consider and implement?