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Why Creating a Great Frontline Employee Experience Starts With Tech Tool Consolidation

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Let's get real for a sec. Your frontline workforce is lost in a jungle of apps. Need to chat? There is an app for that. Learning & development? Yup, another app. Payslips, scheduling, feedback—you name it, there’s an app for it. Tech promised to make life easier, but here we are, drowning in tools. Instead of a streamlined workday, we’ve created chaos. Multiple logins, different interfaces, and confusing learning curves are turning employee experience into a nightmare. But, what’s employee experience, and how does tech tool consolidation impact it? Let’s find out.

20 Employee Engagement Strategies So Good, Your Workforce Will Never Want to Leave

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Are you ready to transform your workplace? Discover 20 employee engagement strategies that will boost your workforce's motivation and commitment, making them never want to leave. From appreciating frontline workers to promoting work-life balance, this blog covers all the bases to ensure your frontline employees are engaged, productive, and driven to contribute their best.

Is SharePoint Alone Enough for Effective Internal Communications?

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Microsoft's SharePoint intranet didn't evolve as a communication tool, so is it the best choice for today’s mobile-first communication? Let's find out.

Speakap vs Facebook Workplace: Benefits and Pricing

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Turns out, Meta is now planning to shut down its Facebook Workplace. So, if you’re a Workplace user and are in a craze looking for an equally good (or better) alternative, we’ve got your back. In this article, we share Speakap's features and benefits and explain how it compares to Workplace by Facebook. Read on to learn the facts you need to make an informed decision.

Employee Experience Framework: The Definitive Guide for HR & Business Leaders

Employee experience

In this blog, we discuss the employee experience framework and how you can create it step-by-step for your organization. We will also cover ways to measure the ROI of your employee experience framework and discuss common challenges and their solutions. Read to learn how to design, implement, and measure an EX framework to boost engagement, reduce turnover, and unlock business success.

Employee Journey Mapping Template

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Employee journey mapping provides the context and blueprint you need for taking focused actions concerning different employee lifecycle stages. Download our free employee journey mapping template to visualize your employee's lifecycle, identify touchpoints, and improve engagement & retention.

Crafting An Employee Experience Strategy: The Roadmap to Employee Happiness

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Are you interested in improving employee satisfaction and engagement? This white paper explores strategies and solutions to build a successful employee experience (EX) program. It also features a case study on how LEGOLAND® used an EX platform to boost employee morale!

Pro Tips to Enhance Your Employee Experience Strategy

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Want to build an employee experience strategy primed for success? Check out this blog for pro tips.

Top 5 Employee Experience Platforms (EXPs) You Should Know About in 2024

Employee experience

Discover the leading employee experience platforms revolutionizing workplace engagement.

The 5 Best Employee Onboarding Apps of 2024

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Using an employee onboarding app is the best way to streamline and automate the critical function of onboarding. Check out this blog for details on the five best apps out there.