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Mastering Audience Segmentation for Maximum Impact

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Effective audience segmentation in internal communications is crucial for reaching the right people with the right information. By understanding your internal audience better, you can tailor your content to match their needs and establish yourself as a trusted advisor and audience expert within your company, particularly among senior leaders.

Internal Comms Strategy 4/4: One Employee Communication App

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In the fourth phase of an internal communication strategy, we explore: one employee communication app. Combining all your tools in one app can streamline your workflow by eliminating the need to switch between different applications or tools constantly. When you have all the tools you need in one employee communication app, you and your workforce can access everything in one place, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Internal Comms Strategy 3/4: Onboarding and Training

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In the third phase of an internal communication strategy, we explore: onboarding and training. Your employees are the most valuable assets of your organization and should be treated as such. Setting up a proper onboarding process and Integrating e-learning tools with the employee app is a great way to keep your workforce informed and up-to-date with digital onboarding and training.

Internal Comms Strategy 2/4: Two-Way Communication

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In the second phase of an internal communication strategy, we explore: two-way communication. In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top-tier talent requires more than just offering a competitive salary and benefits package. It's essential to create an environment of open dialogue in the workplace where employees feel valued, satisfied, and motivated. This can be achieved through effective internal communications facilitating two-way communication and collaboration.

Internal Comms Strategy 1/4: Top-Down Communication

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In the first phase of an internal communication strategy, we explore: top-down communication. Internal communicators who use a top-down communication style keep employees informed, build trust with leadership, and increase transparency. And with the right internal communication plan, you can ensure employees at every level feel like insiders, using messages from key leaders to build trust and in turn form connections.

Navigating Internal Communications Compliance in the Age of Employee Apps

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In today's ever-changing business world, employee apps have become all the rage, promising to revolutionize how companies communicate internally and manage their workforce.

Bridging the EX-CX Gap: How Alignment Drives Business Growth

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In the increasingly competitive landscape of the hospitality and retail industries, businesses are continuously striving to outperform the competition. And this battle isn't merely confined to price points or product offerings. It extends much deeper into the realms of customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX). When harmoniously aligned, these two aspects can catalyze a virtuous cycle that propels business growth.

Is Technology an Obstacle for Your DEI Initiatives?

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How can you bring your team members together to give them the opportunity to communicate respectfully with one another, while also finding out their needs?

Content Strategy Template for Internal Communicators

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When your company invests in employee communication tools, it’s important that you utilize them actively and maximize their value, especially from a company operations standpoint.

Leeb Balkone: Digital Communication With Manufacturing Employees

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How do you reach frontline workers across the manufacturing floor? How does important and time-sensitive information reach the right person at the right time?