Speakap Has Been Named The #1 Social Platform In The Emerce Best Companies List 2024

Emerce, the Netherlands' ultimate authority on all things e-commerce, releases its highly anticipated Emerce 100 list each year. Think of it as the Academy Awards equivalent for Dutch businesses, and this year, Speakap walked away with the golden statue (or, you know, the digital equivalent). We are excited to announced that we've been named the #1 Social Platform in the prestigious Emerce Best Companies List 2024!

This honor is a huge shoutout to our Speakap team's relentless pursuit of excellence. We're beyond grateful for this incredible recognition—it's a milestone we've reached hand-in-hand with our amazing customers and partners. A massive thank you for placing your trust in us and joining us on this journey.

Not only did we secure the coveted top spot, but we also achieved a perfect 5-star rating, surpassing established giants like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. This recognition is a tremendous honor, validating our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing social engagement for frontline teams.Emerce award article

A word from our CEO & Founder, Patrick van der Mijl

Since the corona crisis, organizations have invested heavily in software for making video calls, facilitating remote work, and promoting internal communication. Often, it turns out that only employees with an office job are served by this, says Patrick van der Mijl, CEO and founder of the company Speakap.

 "Employees without a fixed workplace are regularly overlooked. No less than 80% of the global working population consists of frontline employees, who are engaged in task-oriented and service-oriented functions in sectors such as healthcare, construction, hospitality, and retail."

Since the company behind Speakap spread its wings in 2011, around 600 companies have chosen the app. 

Speakap, which has its roots in the retail sector, now serves a wide range of customers and sectors. The company works with a wide variety of organizations - from companies with a few hundred employees to large multinationals with a workforce of 60,000+. Customers include well-known names such as Hans Anders, Intergamma, Siemens, Pathé Bioscopen, Hotel Okura, Bosch, Holland Casino, and the Basic-Fit gym chain. In the past five years, Speakap has continued to expand its international footprint, with offices in places like Amsterdam, New York, Cologne, and Brussels.

"Speakap is on track to become a renowned global player," says Van der Mijl. To achieve this, the company is focusing strongly on global growth, particularly in the United States, where they have already built a solid customer base. These expansion plans are being led by a passionate American team operating from New York.

Beyond the stars: a commitment to empowering frontline teams

Traditional communication methods can often fall short, leaving employees feeling disconnected and disengaged. Our platform goes beyond the limitations of email and intranets by offering a more dynamic and engaging experience, specifically designed for the needs of frontline workers.

Here's a glimpse into what sets Speakap apart:

  • Recognized on G2 as a Spring 2024 Easiest Set up and Admin in the category of category Frontline Worker Communication Platforms, Speakap prioritizes a user-friendly interface that minimizes training time and maximizes adoption. 
  • With Speakap, there are two ways to create your own employee hub: with our built-in features like Task Management, and our API marketplace to integrate all your employee tools. These integrations are embedded into your desktop and mobile apps, enabling single sign-on
  • Our workforce analytics suite allows you to measure the real impact of your work. From insights related to adoption, engagement and content performance across your company, our easy-to-read dashboards are an extremely valuable tool for identifying areas of improvement, tracking the effectiveness of campaigns, as well as measuring the impact of Speakap on your frontline operations.
  • You have our full support. Our experienced Customer Success and Support Professionals are passionate about equipping your leaders with the best practices, training and ongoing support that they need to be successful with Speakap.


The Emerce100 is a yearly research project to identify the best Dutch e-business and online marketing companies. Emerce readers who use e-business services are surveyed to evaluate companies on criteria like knowledge/know-how, price-quality ratio, reliability, and flexibility. Experts help create a shortlist of companies to be rated. Scores are based on a weighted scale, considering both a company's performance on each criterion and how important those criteria are to Emerce readers.

Check out the full Emerce 100 list to see how Speakap stacks up against the competition.