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Content Strategy Template

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If you’re using an employee app to reach your frontline workers — you’ll need a content strategy. Where to even begin? Get a jump-start on creating an employee engagement strategy that works for your company.

Generation Z and the future of internal communication

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Talented members of generation Z, born between 1990-2000, are slowly but surely entering the workplace. They clearly have their own opinions, expect a lot from their employers and don’t need to be told about social media and smartphones. Welcome to the new era of internal communication!

Onboarding Checklist

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This onboarding checklist provides a valuable framework with all the information that a new colleague needs to know. Of course, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all onboarding experience, so use this document as a guide to be personalized according to your organization's needs.

Why Workplace Culture Is the Alpha and Omega of Employee Loyalty and Relationships


When a company makes a serious commitment and takes pride in how its values and beliefs are embodied throughout its workforce, it can attract top-notch talent, increase happiness, create a sense of fulfilment, positively impact performance and ultimately, improve employee relationships, loyalty and retention.

Research Study - The Culture Factor: Improving Employee Loyalty and Relationships


With employee loyalty, engagement is often perceived to be a key differentiator. But as this study indicates, culture must be given more priority among HR and operations teams because it can have far more pernicious consequences and impacts on employee satisfaction, workplace relationships and loyalty.

Internal Communication Strategy - What Frontline Employees Really Need


Delivering smart, engaging and relevant communications to non-desk workers is no easy feat and a one-size-fits-all approach will always be problematic. Technology, with all its benefits of added convenience, productivity and entertainment, can help improve the ways in which companies in the retail, hospitality and entertainment sectors reach, engage and empower their non-desk workforces.

How HR Can Improve Communication Gaps in the Workplace

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Hear from Anna, a human resources manager, on her typical day. Her story tells you how HR can improve communication gaps with a digital employee app, Speakap.

The Future of Work for Every Frontline Employee


This is Noah. Watch his story to hear the future of work for every frontline employee. He can’t check company news until he arrives to work, where he physically clocks in with a timestamp. He then joins the team briefing that he has trouble listening to all the way in the back…

How to Reach Every Employee on Your Factory Floor

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In the next 60 seconds, you'll hear how to reduce costly miscommunications on your factory floor. At Speakap we built the one-stop employee app for manufacturers. Your factory floor workers can receive and report work in a professional manner through your white-label app.

How HR Leaders Level Up for the Future of Internal Communications

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The rise of the “emergency culture” brought HR to the forefront of organizational operations. 36.2 million Americans (22% of the workforce) will be working remotely by 2025. 45%-50% of young workers have reported a decline in their mental health during the pandemic.