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How Can Internal Communicators Drive Business Growth?

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What is the role of an internal communicator in relation to business growth? What initiatives can internal communicators take to contribute towards the company’s success?

How Can Internal Communicators Improve Retention of Frontline Workers?

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Why does employee retention matter? What are some tactics that internal communicators can use to increase employee retention? How can internal communicators convince management to invest in employees?

Developing a Positive Company Culture for Frontline Workers

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Frontline employee turnover remains alive, with company culture as a solid answer to attracting and retaining talent. This white paper looks at the role of company culture and its impact on the workforce. It showcases some of the ways that Domino’s Pizza instills company culture within their company brand, and the impact created.

Manage Expectations to Attract and Retain Employees


When employees feel valued, respected, and appreciated, their morale and motivation increase. Meeting their expectations shows them that the company cares about their well-being and is willing to go the extra mile to provide the necessary support. It also boosts productivity by creating a positive work environment and encouraging employees to work hard.

The Evolution of the Frontline Employee


The frontline employee is often seen as the face of an organization, as they are the ones that have the most direct contact with customers and clients. Over time, the role of the frontline employee has evolved greatly, adapting to the changing needs of the customer and the organization. The evolution of the frontline employee has resulted in the development of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, which is essential for organizations to remain competitive in today's global market.

How to Build a Business Case

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Let’s face it, building a business case that allows you to capture people’s attention and get the investment you need can be difficult. So how do you convince the leaders in your organization about the importance of employee engagement and communication? How do you get them to invest in new technologies such as an employee app and tell them about the benefits?

4 Proven Tactics to Reach, Train and Engage your Entire Workforce

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We joined forces with our partner MobieTrain, the #1 mobile microlearning app, to address the challenges of reaching, training, and engaging frontline employees. We looked at how an employee communication app can support organizations with a deskless workforce. Featured: Erwin van der Vlist, Co-founder and Product Expert at Speakap, and Guy Van Neck, CEO & Founder at MobieTrain.

How to Engage Employees With Personal Growth Initiatives

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Why is employee engagement important for HR and internal communication professionals? How can personal growth initiatives help increase employee engagement? What types of personal growth initiatives can HR consider and implement?

Why Your Frontline Workforce Needs Employee Engagement

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Why is employee engagement important for growing companies? How can an employee engagement platform improve frontline communication? What are the benefits of using an employee hub?

Employee Engagement Best Practices for Growing Companies

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What are good employee engagement practices? How do you retain employees? How do you bridge the employee communication gap between HQ and the work floor? Is measuring employee engagement important?