4 Proven Tactics to Train and Engage your Entire Workforce

We joined forces with our partner MobieTrain, the #1 mobile microlearning app, to address the challenges of reaching, training, and engaging frontline employees. We looked at how an employee communication app can support organizations with a deskless workforce.

Featured: Erwin van der Vlist, Co-founder and Product Expert at Speakap, and Guy Van Neck, CEO & Founder at MobieTrain.

No time to watch a full hour? We've got you. Here's a quick recap of the most important takeaways.

Reach all your employees

Frontline employees still heavily rely on paper and verbal communication. In order to reach both the office and frontline staff, mobile-first is the only employee communication solution.

Erwin:  “We see that frontline communication is lagging behind. Engaging employees starts with actually reaching them, and that means catching up with the times and going mobile-first.”

Understand your audience and their needs

Make your content flexible, bite-sized and tailored specifically to your frontline employees. This is equally important for both your microlearning modules as well as for your internal communication content.

Guy: “One-to-many approach doesn’t work anymore. Technology can help you bring the right content to the right people while maintaining flexibility for quick updates or changes."

Keep everyone engaged in the long term

Creating a longer-term content strategy with purpose is key. Parts of this employee engagement strategy should include appealing content from different sources within the company. But it's also important to ask yourself: ‘How will this be read on a mobile device?’ Cater your content to the right employee engagement tools.

Erwin: “What we see working really well is the use of content ambassadors. There are often many experts within your company, and giving them a platform to tell their story creates very strong content that will resonate with the rest of your employees.”

Create an ecosystem of tools

We call this ‘the blended approach'. It's a combination of online & offline, and making microlearning and your internal communications part of a larger ecosystem of tools. The approach only works if these employee engagement tools integrate with each other, which creates the best employee intranet software for your staff.

Guy: “If you’re going to invest in a new tool, make sure it’s open to integrations to make your company and your employees future-proof.”

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