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When employees feel valued, respected, and appreciated, their morale and motivation increase. Meeting their expectations shows them that the company cares about their well-being and is willing to go the extra mile to provide the necessary support. It also boosts productivity by creating a positive work environment and encouraging employees to work hard. 

Also, meeting employee expectations helps to boost employee loyalty, leading to greater retention rates and reducing the cost of recruiting and training new employees. Finally, it can provide a competitive advantage over other companies, as employees are more likely to recommend a company that meets their expectations to their friends and family. 

Download the infographic and see how to meet employee expectations in 2023.

About Speakap

Speakap is the award-winning employee communication app intentionally built to improve internal communications and engagement with your frontline workforce. Through our white-label app, your frontline employees can receive messages from management, upskill through HR training videos, and increase their level of connection and commitment to your organization. Whether your goals are seamless employee communication or improving employee satisfaction and productivity, Speakap ensures that your corporate news travels from headquarters to the production floor easily and efficiently via one social intranet.

Our easy-to-use, branded Employee App reaches the right people at the right time. Companies who use Speakap’s internal communication software see

80% of employees immediately adopt the app
+14% average increase in retention
+21% average increase in employee productivity
+32% average increase in employee satisfaction