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From the head office to the store floor and back again

Exceptional retailers provide their frontline employees with the tools, training and product information they need to deliver outstanding brand experiences. That’s why retailers like IKEA, Saks Fifth Avenue, Rituals, Hudson's Bay and Suitsupply all choose Speakap.


Increase in new product awareness


Boost in communication between management and the shop floor


Higher cut through of company news

Elevate your customer experience

A unique, personal customer experience is what separates brick and mortar from anonymous online. By connecting all employees, managers and head office, retail can provide their frontline workers with the information, training, product knowledge and feedback they need in real time. And in-store employees can feed back to management just as quick.


Speakap creates better, more customer-focused retailers

Retail employees want more relevant information, managers are seeking ways to connect with and engage their teams, and head office wants to be able to deliver great content to the frontline and receive comment back. Intranets, newsletters and company magazines don’t provide a dynamic, real-time, measurable, two-way option. Speakap does.

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  • Reach every employee
    Broadcast official company news and important announcements and updates directly to all employees, or even to a specific store or department.
  • Boost engagement
    Celebrate achievements and awards, recognize business milestones, welcome new hires, and share information on the latest product ranges.
  • Improve communication between store and head office
    Create a real-time flow of information between store associates, regional managers, head office and even suppliers, to improve service, increase sales and turn shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

Internal Communications Tips From Hudson's Bay

You learn a thing or two about people management when you've been in business for almost 350 years. Hudson's Bay needed to draw on all that experience when the retailer expanded into Europe, and specifically the Netherlands in 2017, simultaneously opening 10 large stores across the country. In this video, employees discuss their top tips tor best-in-class internal communications in the retail space.

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