Nexeye, Europe’s leading optical retailer with brands Hans Anders, eyes + more, and Direkt Optik, uses Speakap to connect frontline employees with the head office. They increase reach and accessibility for employees in 700+ stores, using the employee communication app.

The Challenge:

How can we engage 4,000 employees who aren’t part of the same brand?

Europe’s leading optical retailer, nexeye, was looking for a way to communicate and engage with thousands of employees spread across three brands, and five countries. Their main goal was to connect frontline employees with the head office and to generally increase reach and accessibility to company news and information.


The Solution:

An employee communications app that lets everyone see company news, but also celebrate achievements

Nexeye uses Speakap as an employee engagement tool that gives frontline employees a voice and an opportunity to be part of the discussion. The social intranet software lets employees connect in their own language and share customs, creating an environment that’s recognizable, safe and relevant. It’s also a place to share success stories about consumers, and to receive feedback from the frontline – helping the company stay agile and flexible. As a retail organization, nexeye uses the employee communication app to keep sight of ongoings in the stores and better serve customers.

"Speakap helps us stay connected to our employees. They are the ones who are in direct contact with the customers and they help us respond to opportunities that arise. This keeps us agile which of course is essential in Retail."

Sanne Oosterhoff, Group Operations Director


The Results:

Our vision is our employees’ vision

Nexeye has made its employee communication app THE place for frontline employees. Because of the setup, employees across countries, teams, and stores can find each other, learn from each other and inspire each other with success stories – flooding timelines with news of happy customers. And one employee’s success is the company’s collective success.

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