“We serve the most demanding consumers in the world, so education and training of our employees is key. We use Speakap to share principles, instructions, feedback learnings, and standards of performance. It not only drives the team productivity, but it enhances the service we offer to our customers.”

The Challenge:

Manage crisis from afar, respond simultaneously

I vividly remember we had just launched Speakap the day when our system stopped working globally for a few hours. After my morning coffee, I received a notification on Speakap from our IT Director. This was not the first crisis I have experienced, but this experience was different in a good way. It was efficient to receive the updated protocol directly from our IT director. We even started a chat group for all shop managers to align on individual cases. I was shocked at how much faster we can handle crises by communicating the right way.

Inside Rituals2-1

The Solution:

A private space for store and office staff to share and celebrate successes

We have grown to over 800+ stores and offices with more than 8,000 employees worldwide. It is crucial to maintain our culture to fuel our rapid growth at that scale. At times, an easy-to-use tool is the only thing we need to break the ice between individuals. Speakap provides a place where employees can come together to share their Rituals experiences.

"It’s important that our employees truly live our brand and have a platform to celebrate each other and their achievements."

Irene Vernie, HR Director - Rituals

The Results:

Happy employees, happy customers

At Rituals, we believe that happy employees make happy customers. Not only that, but we're constantly creating new products, which means trainings and lots of new information for customers. That's why reaching our store employees quickly is vital. How can we tell if our employees are really using Speakap? In 2021, Speakap launched its new premium feature Compass, which shows how engaged employees are with the app. With that, we're constantly updating our messages and tactics to reach everyone in our expanding company.