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Create remarkable experiences - for both your customers and employees alike

Every organization faces the challenge of communicating effectively with their employees. But when you’re in the business of putting smiles on faces, making employees feel connected is a non-negotiable. Pathé Cinemas, Kinepolis, Merlin Entertainments and Talpa Media know that, which is why they rely on Speakap.


More informed employees - who log in to Speakap 10 times a day on average


Higher cut through of company news and updates


More information being shared between colleagues

Your ticket to successful communication

Great customer experiences start with exceptional employee experiences. Leisure and entertainment providers whose profits depend on surprising and delighting audiences know that. And, first, you have to give your frontline employees a front row ticket to all the latest company news, training opportunities, HR updates and recognition programs, while making it easier for those employees to communicate with managers and head office too.


Speakap improves the experience of leisure and entertainment organizations

Employees in this sector can sometimes feel disconnected from their organization and - especially in larger organizations - even from each other. To improve the end product, managers are looking for ways to connect with and engage their teams, to get their feedback, and to improve retention and training. Intranets, newsletters, company magazines and bulletin boards simply don’t provide a dynamic, real-time, measurable, two-way option that solves these problems. Speakap does.

Calculate the roi of speakap for your organization
  • Reach every employee
    Broadcast your company news, plan events, and send important announcements via push notifications directly to all employees, a specific location or even a department.
  • Boost engagement
    Celebrate achievements and awards, recognize business milestones, welcome new hires, and share information on the latest venues, changes to pricing and packages, job opportunities and opening hours.
  • Improve communication between your locations and head office
    Create a real-time flow of information between front of house employees, regional managers, head office and even suppliers, to improve service, increase turnover and turn audiences into loyal brand advocates.

Do you love riding the high turnover, low satisfaction rollercoaster?

Theme parks are masters at creating incredible, magical experiences that make you feel involved and engaged long before you step foot on the first ride. Other organizations could learn a thing or two from this - especially where it comes to preboarding and onboarding new employees.

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