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Meet the team #9: Donata

6 minute read

Have you ever contacted Speakap with a question or query? Chances are you were assisted by the ever-helpful Donata: our highly acclaimed, Speakap support guru. When Donata isn’t moonlighting in our #Friends4Donata recruitment campaign (check out our video below!), you can find her dancing at concerts to her favourite artists... or just in front of the mirror.

We spoke to Donata about what makes her so passionate about her job, and why chicken shouldn’t be ignored as a breakfast meal.


First question - what do you like to eat for breakfast?

Well, depends on my mood. But my favourite breakfast is rice porridge with chicken.

Sounds like an interesting choice!

It’s an Indonesian dish, called bubur ayam.

This might lead into my next question; where were you born and raised?

Born and raised in Amsterdam, and my parents are from Indonesia. My dad is from Kalimantan and my mom is from Celebes, but they lived in Java for a long time.

When I was a child I would visit Indonesia a minimum of two times per year, as my dad worked for KLM. As a “grown up”, I still have a strong connection with Indonesia and try to go every two years. If it’s longer than two years, I miss my family too much. I have a lot more family in Indonesia, there’s nice weather, nice food, and my family spoil me rotten - it’s easy to get used to that lifestyle!

Did visiting Indonesia as child feel like a big contrast from growing up in the Netherlands?

It was totally normal for me, the first time I went was when I was 9 months old. My parents would always say “we’re going home” when we would visit, so it felt like my home away from home. It was always a great time as I had a lot of cousins my age to play and explore with.

Have you ever had any desires to live anywhere other than Indonesia and the Netherlands?

Well… my girlfriend and I have this fantasy of when we’re older, like retirement age, we would very much love to live in Spain. We are totally in love with the nature, the food, the lifestyle in general. For now it’s only a fantasy - not a plan.

But you never know what will happen in life!

What do you do here at Speakap?

I work with the support team, so I receive all of our customer's questions if they have problem, or if they have a general question. They also ask me for advice, for example they might want to post a news article and would like to know how to maximise the potential reach of their post. They can call or email me, and in the future they will be able to chat with me as well!

And what initially attracted you to this career?

I have been in the support business for a very long time: I started working in a call centre about twenty years ago. What I find most attractive about this career is that it enables you to help people - that’s the basis of the role.

What is your favourite part of your job?

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a nurse, just like my mom, to help people make their life better. But when I started my studies, I found out that I’m not really a person who enjoys college and after a few years it simply didn’t work out. I spoke about it with my parents and their friends suggested working in a call centre, as you can also help people in a different way.

I found it was the right job for me as I like finding solutions to make things better for other people... it really is my passion!

How does Speakap differ from other places that you’ve worked at?

In the many years that I have been working in support roles, I’ve worked at both big companies and startups. I like working in startup environments because providing support in a startup is where you really need to figure out how to help other people with a new product. You have to build up the processes and customer relationships from the beginning. It makes my work really enjoyable.

How would you describe working at Speakap in three words?

  • Fun
  • Responsibility
  • Freedom

Do you have any upcoming travel plans?

This Saturday I’m going to Spain for the third time. We’re going to do a “fly-drive”; fly to Madrid, rent a car, and then just explore.

My favourite type of vacation is when you don’t over-prepare your holiday, you just feel the atmosphere and go with the flow. I love exploring new places, and I LOVE street food.

Meet the team - Donata - Street food

Sounds lovely! Can you tell me about the last concert you went to?

Oh! That was Lenny Kravitz, it was GREAT.

He is so energetic, and I could sing along with every song, it was just great!

And can you share a random fact about yourself that most people might not know about you?

I love to dance in front of the mirror by myself. And the funny part of it is that when I go to the club, I don’t dance nearly as well as I can when I’m in front of the mirror.

Last question: if you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would like to fly. It would be so convenient not to deal with the crowded rush hour after work, and just be able to fly home. Oh, it would be so great!



Do you love to help people as much as Donata does?

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