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Meet the team #3: Arend

3 minute read

For many years, he has been the brains behind the Speakap web app, making sure it looks good and works beautifully. He is our super smiley, not-afraid-of-a-beer, frontend development expert: meet Arend van Beelen.


Where are you from?

Originally from Katwijk [in the Netherlands], but I have been living in Amsterdam for more than 10 years now.

How did you end up at Speakap?

Before here, I worked at [Dutch social media platform] Hyves. After Hyves was taken over by TMG, the time came to look for a new opportunity. Fortunately, in that period I got a message from Erwin (the co-founder of Speakap) saying that they wanted to set up a new team at Speakap. That challenge appealed to me.

What did you dream of becoming as a kid?

As a little boy, I wanted to be a jet fighter pilot first, but because I wore glasses at the time, I knew I probably would not qualify. When I was 12, I learned programming in BASIC and since then I knew I wanted to become a programmer.


And what do you dream of now?

Retiring in Hawaii.

If you could swap with anyone for one day, who would it be?

An astronaut. But only if he’s actually in space; the rest of his time is less interesting!

Favourite holiday destination?


The one thing you have to take with you on a journey?

My wife. She knows exactly what else to bring!

You've been working at Speakap for a while now, so what's changed in that time?

The team has grown considerably, doubled even. That obviously changes a lot of things, and so many new tasks have been added. In addition to all the existing jobs that have to be done, I prefer to work on developing new functionalities.

"If I go on a journey, the one thing I need to take with me is my wife, because she knows exactly what else to bring." - Arend.

How do you want to develop yourself?

I’ll try pretty much anything; I am quite eager to learn new things.

The most important thing about work for you?

I like to create an environment where everyone can do their work efficiently by removing as many obstacles as possible.

Inspired to come and work at Speakap? Perhaps as a frontend developer, just like Arend? Click here.

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