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Speakap introduces 'read by indication' feature

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Speakap has just introduced the 'read by indication' feature. It enables its customers to check whether an employee read or did not read particular news items.

Read by indicator

'Read by indication' is one of the features that increases the control of authors and administrators.

"With this new feature it will become possible for the author of a news item and administrators to see who've read the news item and who hasn't", says Speakap project manager Tom Kleijn.

"This feature has been requested by multiple customers and will add a lot of value to our platform."

'Lock and unlock' feature

Recently Speakap also introduced a feature which enables authors and administrators to deactivate the option to reply to one of the timeline posts.

'Change news item or reply' feature

Another example of a typical 'author empowering feature' is the possibility to change the content of news items, timeline posts and replies after they are already published.

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