Employee Communication: Smart Ways To Connect With Your Non-Desk Employees

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One of the biggest challenges today is to reach and engage employees who may not have resources like a desktop or even a company email address. The workers on the factory floor, the drivers of the delivery vans, the cashiers, waitresses, and construction workers…

While communication with direct managers is generally not the problem, 84% of deskless employees say that they don’t get enough information from the top. And if this information does reach them, 38% take it with a grain of salt.

So what are they missing out on? Important updates, company news, information about new products and services..? All of that probably, but first and foremost, a sense of belonging. Poor internal communications are the biggest obstacle to employee engagement. Desk-less workers often feel left out, their contributions not fully respected. In worst cases, a “them and us” divide with office staff emerges, which is not favourable for healthy company culture.

If emails are not suitable or convenient for your non-desk employees, how can you stay connected, appreciate their important work, let them see the bigger picture and make them feel proud of their company?

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As desk-less employees work in all kinds of jobs and places, you will need smart solutions to reach them. Here are some ideas to consider.

Digital company updates

In your digital timeline, you can share company news and latest updates, include messages from the CEO and reinforce company and customer service values. Your employees will find these company updates on their mobile phones the moment you publish them.

Instant, targeted messages

When it comes to communication, nothing beats a real-time, personalized experience. A targeted message with the right context received at the appropriate time can be very motivating and rewarding.

Casting and screens

Bulletin boards and posters are relics from the past. Screens on the factory floor are the new way to reach your hard to catch workers with important information.

Mobile-first intranet

Many desk-less workers are not that computer savvy. They are aware that the company intranet provides all kinds of information, but why bother with it? “Last time I had a look, I didn’t find anything for me, and it is way too complicated anyway.”

If your company still uses the traditional intranet, it is time to discover the more inviting possibilities of a modern cloud-based intranet.

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Or the all-in-one solution: an employee communication app

A mobile employee app is a versatile stand-alone solution, specially designed to connect with desk-less employees. Most of your employees carry a smartphone wherever their job takes them. And for many, it’s the only device they actually like to use.

An employee app that is worth its salt offers a lot more than the option to broadcasts content at regular intervals. In fact, it combines all the possibilities of other digital communication tools. It is a proven performance booster with its many features for two-way communication and engagement. To list a few:

It’s the only way to reach all employees

Well, almost. A 2019 survey found that in the US, 93% of millennials and 90% of Gen Xers (39 to 54 years of age) have a smartphone.

It’s personal

An employee app makes it easy to target content to teams and individuals. Delivering information in different languages, a personal word of praise from the CEO, congratulations and rewards - the whole design is meant to make your internal communication personalized and pleasant.

It’s attractive

Assuming your employees are not that different from the rest of humanity, they’ll spend hours on their smartphones, checking their social media apps, watching videos and playing games. With a good employee app, you can give them the same slick and comfortable experience, tailored to your company culture and brand.

It’s measurable

An employee app contains some powerful analytics to measure the impact of your content.

It’s fast

An employee app is the fastest way to deliver information among your entire workforce. Especially for urgent updates, push notifications are a fail-proof way to make sure your message gets read.


The smartest way to communicate with your desk-less employees is the simplest way. “Make it easy” should be your guiding principle. That is probably the first reason why more and more companies use an employee app for their internal communication. It is the simplest way to reach all your workers with one comprehensive tool, easy to use for everyone.

For more information on building more lasting and loyal relationships with your employees, check out this research study!

Rob is a content writer, copywriter and novelist. His work for Apple, WWF, Mercedes-Benz and many other brands has been awarded with prestigious creative awards.

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