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Episode 7 - Classroom Strategies in The Boardroom [Podcast]

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Frontline by Speakap is a community for progressive HR leaders to share (and learn) ideas and strategies for creating a thriving workplace, to therefore help all employees reach their full potential.

This is the seventh episode of our podcast series, which will feature a range of experts and industry leaders to discuss topics related to their individual expertise.

In this podcast, our guest speaker Marc explains how strategies used in the classroom by teachers can actually be implemented in the boardroom and how they are beneficial to the company. He also talks about signs that employers should look out for which might indicate that the workplace culture needs a shake up.  



About Marc Hoberman and Matt Warnock

Marc is a best-selling author and one of WCBS Radio's Top 50 Human interest stories. His books draw from his 30 years of experience as a teacher, and the personal journey he has been on to live and understand a seizure disorder he was diagnosed with over 35 years ago.

Matt is head of content here at Speakap. Originally hailing from the UK, he spent the best part of a decade globetrotting in journalism and publishing roles before becoming captivated by content marketing. He worked everywhere from Fortune 500 Tech companies to fashion brands, before landing at Speakap.

Connect with Marc

Connect with Matt

In this episode we chat about;

  • Classroom strategies to take into the boardroom
  • How are classroom and boardroom strategies connected
  • Signs that employers need to look for to indicate workplace culture
  • Changes that employers can make in order to help their workplace thrive
  • How to take employer branding to the next level
  • Interview with "the real evil HR lady"

Thanks for listening! 

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