The Employee App That Frontline Workers Really Need

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Let’s face it, we take our mobile phones everywhere, and by everywhere we also mean to work. Your frontline workers are always connected, but to what degree and through what platform? 

Internal communications with your workforce is becoming excessively difficult with more and more social platforms emerging each year. That just makes employee engagement more complicated than it needs to be. We get it, and we’ve actually built the solution: Speakap. 

Keep reading to understand why your frontline staff urgently needs an employee app OR download our infographic that’ll tell you exactly what your employees want and need, here.

Blog featured image 22Social Apps Distract Your Frontline Workers

Using social apps to connect with your employees is not the best solution and you know it. Frontline workers get personal messages on their social apps as well, which can easily distract them from their work. In fact, there are many companies that have taken the habit of using popular social apps such as WhatsApp to reach their frontline workers. At first, it feels like a convenience since their employees are already using the app but it can easily turn into an unprofessional hassle, for everyone involved. 

An Employee App for the Workplace

How do you connect with your frontline staff that is non-desk? You need a fast and efficient way to reach out, so emailing is clearly not an option. You also want to stay away from social apps for the above reasons. Well, we have just the solution: an employee app designed specifically for your company's needs. It includes messaging, news and update alerts, and integrated tools such as HR. And get this, it’s even branded and customized for your company. The latest perks? You can actually measure your reach and employee engagement as an admin of the app.

The Bottom Line

With an employee app, you’ll encourage your frontline staff to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve relationship with management
  • Increase their knowledge of products/promotions
  • Deliver excellent customer experience

We tell you more about how to bridge the internal communications gap via an infographic, here. 

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