10 Ideas To Improve Teamwork in the Hospitality Industry

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Although getting the best out of employee teams is always a challenge, it becomes even more complicated for hospitality managers. Out of all industries, the hospitality industry has, by far, the highest turnover rate. That makes it hard to maintain a consistent level of service and build the kind of reputation that attracts crowds of enthusiastic customers. Another challenge typically present in the hospitality industry is that many employees are deskless and may not have access to a computer. And the workforce often consists of people from different cultures, who speak various languages.

How do you overcome such difficulties and improve your employee engagement? Not only do you have to consider hiring the right people, but you have to keep them satisfied and forge them into happy and efficient teams to provide your guests with the great experience your business promises!

Here are ten employee engagement ideas that can help you improve teamwork.

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1. Use an effective communication channel.

To communicate effectively across diverse and dispersed teams, you will need a way to reach everyone. The only device that comes into consideration is a smartphone. An employee app will not only allow you to connect with your deskless workers, but it also offers an impressive range of options to make this connection meaningful, engaging and fun. Let us look at how you can use this tool for different communication needs and team-building ideas.

2. Improve hiring and onboarding.

Teamwork is a combination of individual talents and the right chemistry. During the hiring stage, an employee app can help to get the right people on board and give candidates access to information about the job requirements and your company culture. This helps make the onboarding process more efficient since candidates can obtain everything they need through a single, easy-to-use channel conveniently.

3. Bring your culture and values to life.

“Employees who believe their organization has broader goals outside of profit margins are 27% more likely to stay at the company” as you can read in Employee Motivation: The Importance of Core Values. While running a business, it is crucial to reinforce your employees on important values such as compatibility, harmony, sportsmanship, and receiving rewards for hard work and shared efforts as a team. A good employee app has all kinds of built-in possibilities that can help promote feelings of belonging and togetherness and make your work culture more unique and tangible.

4. Specify clear goals.

While direct supervisors are responsible for their team goals, it is also essential that your employees are aware of the long-term company goals. To make sure that everyone is on the same page, you will need to communicate clearly defined, measurable goals for service and sales. An employee app is a direct line from the Communications Manager or CEO to every employee.

5. Make life easier.

This advantage works two ways, both for the management and staff. An employee app is a stand-alone communication solution that gives your employees all the work-related information they need, such as shift plans, vacation requests, and upcoming events. And if communications are your job, you have the reassuring certainty that you can reach everyone everywhere - whenever you need to.


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6. Offer a great experience.

A better guest experience begins with a better employee experience. An employee app can certainly contribute in this regard. Gone are the days of dull memos and e-mails that half of the receivers do not even open. With a good employee app, you can offer your employees the same slick and exciting experience they get from their consumer apps, tailored to your company culture and brand. Use video, games, and other options. Think about it. Wouldn't it be nice if your employees actually look forward to your messages?

7. Reward good teamwork.

One of the best ways to stimulate teamwork is to recognize and reward good examples. With an employee app, you can do this publicly, and use recognition as a strategic engagement tool. Another possibility is to set up friendly competitions between teams. Think of a nice prize for the winner, and you may be amazed at how this can boost team performance.

8. Act faster.

In emergency cases or when any urgent information has to be delivered, a mobile phone is the only way to reach a dispersed workforce. With an employee app, you can send push notifications to assure that your entire workforce gets the message as fast as possible.

9. Get feedback

Frontline employees are the face of a business, and their insights are invaluable input for all kinds of decisions. An employee app is an excellent tool for two-way communication. Ask your employees about their opinion, for example:

"How do customers react to this new service?"

"What could we do to solve that little problem?"

"And, by the way, how did you all cope with that big meeting Friday night?"

You can also set up and share polls to collect feedback in live time.

10. Measure the impact.

And last but not least, you are no longer a voice in the dark. An employee app comes with analytics to measure the impact of your communication. You will know which messages score the best, and as a result, be able to streamline your communication even further.


The advantages of an employee app are many, but how effective are they in the practical world? Let us end this article with a convincing case story. In Enjoyment as a business case, you can read how an international catering company with 570 employees worldwide use their employee app, and how this pays off.


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