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Easiest Ways to Recognize Employees for Performance During the Pandemic

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The corona crisis took the world by surprise and resulted in a sudden, unfortunate global lockdown. Large corporations, businesses, and companies were hit badly by the stressful economic impact. Especially during these difficult times, it is vital to remember the backbones of successful businesses: its employees.

Now, more than ever, it is highly crucial to show your employees how thankful you are for their hard work and sacrifice. Even in less challenging times, the single most significant reward and motivator for employees is recognition.

“When asked what leaders could do more to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied: GIVE RECOGNITION.”

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That is one of the many stats in 3 Reasons Why Employee Recognition Is Important. In this infographic HR & Employee Engagement Community, HPPY summarizes the main goals of employee engagement programs:

  • Drive better business results

The more appreciated and recognized an employee is, the better their performance will be. Forty-one percent of companies that use peer-to-peer acknowledgment have seen significant positive increases in customer satisfaction and employee motivation.

  • Lower turnover rate

Constant recognition shows workers you are noticing them and applauding them for their hard work. No one would want to remain under ungrateful peers, which is mainly why companies have such a high turnover rate nowadays. Forbes revealed that companies that scored 20% in building a "recognition-rich culture" relished a 31% lower turnover rate.

  • Happier employees

Employees who are appreciated by peers tend to lead healthier lives in the workplace and at home. Usually, stressful environments lead to chronic health conditions such as anxiety, affecting the performance rate, employee relationships, and, ultimately, the company. Investing in your employees' satisfaction is highly rewarding. The majority of workers prefer praise or commendation over noncash and financial incentives.

It is not far-fetched to assume that in the disruption caused by the pandemic, employee recognition has become even more pivotal and more complicated than ever before. If you have not been giving employee recognition much thought or importance, now might be a good time to do so.

Workers worldwide are having to go through problems such as:

- Difficulty in adjusting to working remotely

The pandemic has forced employees to bear the abrupt change of working remotely since public workplaces are not safe. Although you might find several employees adjusting quite well, others may be struggling in silence. Many may feel isolated, which leads to lower employee engagement, and thus, it is essential that you offer encouragement, support and recognition to your workers to ensure a positive and motivating environment for your employees even at home.

- A general sense of fear of unemployment and uncertainty

The fear and uncertainty that has gripped businesses and companies worldwide definitely hurt on your employees too. These trying times are the perfect opportunity to extend solidarity and reassurance to your employees through employee recognition.

- Financial difficulties

Not only do employees have to learn how to adjust to remote working and deal with the fear of unemployment daily, but they are also burdened with financial setbacks. Such setbacks can be compensated with words of encouragement, motivation, and recognition that will undoubtedly help them get through financially troublesome times.

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To tackle such issues effectively, here are some ideas to take your employee recognition program to a new level, which is vitally needed.

1. Offer more praise and compliments than monetary awards.

The fact that employees prefer praise and appreciation more than monetary awards and incentives sounds a bit strange at first, but the truth is that it actually works! Sincere, heartfelt words of gratitude and recognition work better than any financial motivation.

2. Avoid empty, vague compliments.

Your employees surely do not want to hear generic and vague compliments about how "great" they are doing. They want to be adequately recognized and noticed. Acknowledge both the effort and the impact. Employees will feel more gratified when they realize the value of their work.

3. Keep compliments and asking for favors strictly separate.

Any compliment, recognition, or appreciation combined with asking for a favor is sure to annoy an employee rather than make them feel appreciated. Acknowledge your workers sincerely for their hard work without asking for any favors or services.

4. Public employee recognition vs. Private

Recognize and admire the labor of your employees publicly. Not only will this cause motivate them to work harder, but it might also serve as an example to other employees. Since in-person employee recognition is not possible nowadays, this can also be conveniently done virtually through an employee communication app.

5. Set a compliment calendar

A compliment calendar is a system that helps you monitor your recognition activities to ensure there is no risk of forgetting some people while prioritizing others. This way, you can be on top with effectively recognizing your employees and making them feel valued.

With all the new problems you face as a business owner or HR-manager, you will be looking for easy to work with and effective means to boost employee engagement and recognition. In these contemporary times, your best solution is to implement an app that is specifically centred around employee recognition.

The Speakap employee app is perfect for increasing employee engagement/recognition as it offers features such as setting up polls to collect feedback from your employees and delivering clear messages that provide reassurance and leadership visibility. It aids in making employee recognition fun and impactful with shout outs posted on the timeline to reward users and build upon community engagement.


Many corporations, businesses, and companies have collapsed and fallen victim to silly, fixable mistakes such as not recognizing their employees enough or having an inefficient employee engagement program. Regularly rewarding, supporting, and recognizing your employees is one of the most accessible and convenient ways to help keep your company afloat through such economically challenging times. Sincere words of encouragement may seem small, but the effect they have is unmatched.

Interested to know how to improve employee loyalty and relationships? Download our research study here!

Rob is a content writer, copywriter and novelist. His work for Apple, WWF, Mercedes-Benz and many other brands has been awarded with prestigious creative awards.

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