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Priority for an Operations Director: An Employee Communication App

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We spoke with Sanne Oosterhoff, Group Operations Director at nexeye, the optical retail platform that includes chains Hans Anders, eyes + more, and Direkt Optik (with more than 700 stores and 4,000 employees, operating in 5 European countries). Sanne has implemented an employee communication app (using Speakap) at three companies (!) throughout his career in operations.

How Bever Reaches 2,000+ Employees Across 40 Locations With an Employee Communications App

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Reaching frontline employees can be a challenge, especially when time-sensitive news or updates need to be shared from HQ to floor workers. How do you ensure that each and every frontline employee gets the right message at the right time? How do you reach them in times of crisis? How do you make sure they have the information they need to do their job? The short answer: using an employee communications app.

Why STULZ USA Replaced Their Bulletin Board With an Employee App


It’s clear by now that the ways of working are changing, and the manufacturing industry is no exception. A pandemic, increased shortage of skilled workers, and an aging workforce are just a number of things that are causing manufacturing C-level to rethink their strategies.

Employee Communication: Key Takeaways From HR Technology Conference ‘22

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Let’s face it, a big part of Human Resource management involves technology these days. And why is that? Digitalization of HR can impact the employee experience, but can also impact communication between HQ and the work floor. With the right tools in place, the digitalization of HR can also have an economic impact on companies.

How do others use polls on Speakap?


Do you ever wonder how other companies use Speakap? We sat down with Mariska Ramp, Marketeer at Restaurant Company Europe (also known as the chain restaurant Loetje) to find out why and how she likes using polls on the ‘Lekker App’ - Loetje’s Speakap employee app. Here are some of her tips and tricks that could work for your company too.