How do others use polls on Speakap?

Do you ever wonder how other companies use Speakap? We sat down with Mariska Ramp, Marketeer at Restaurant Company Europe (also known as the chain restaurant Loetje) to find out why and how she likes using polls on the ‘Lekker App’ - Loetje’s Speakap employee app.

Here are some of her tips and tricks that could work for your company too.

featured-how-do-others-use-pollsHow do you use polls on Speakap?

"We actually do this in several ways. We use the polls to gauge our employees' opinions on a particular topic. But also as a handy tool to increase knowledge in a light-hearted way in the form of a quiz question. In the responses, we then share the correct answer over time. We regularly used the poll feature during lockdowns for funny ‘Tuesday dilemmas’, purely for entertainment and to keep employees involved with the app.

We also use polls to keep a particular topic in the spotlight. A while ago, for example, we organized an online tasting session with a soft drinks supplier and used a poll to ask whether everyone was ready for it. Afterwards, we checked if people had signed up for our contest for a chance to win a nice prize, hoping to encourage them even more."

Can you share a poll that really stood out for you?

"A while ago we communicated a new schedule for the cheesecakes on our menus (these change flavor every so often). Just before the start of the new schedule, we put up a poll asking which flavor our employees thought is most popular. For each flavor, we also clarified how long it would stay on the menu, so that this information would also immediately be 'top of mind' for everyone. Months later, we still see people voting or responding to this poll. Very nice to see."


This is an example of the published poll

Why do you think the use of polls works so well in your communication strategy?

"I think the success lies in the fact that you can seek interaction. A lot of the employees are very practical people. People who don't want to read too much and mainly want to do and execute on things. By using polls, you can draw their attention to something important. And more importantly, it's just great fun to be able to vote on a topic and see if the majority of your colleagues think the same."

Excited to find out more about polls? It’s available for every Speakap customer. Check out this link to find out how and where to use it.