Employee Communication: Key Takeaways From HR Technology Conference ‘22

Let’s face it, a big part of Human Resource management involves technology these days. And why is that? Digitalization of HR can impact the employee experience, but can also impact communication between HQ and the work floor. With the right tools in place, the digitalization of HR can also have an economic impact on companies.

New employee communication softwares are making it easier for HR teams to ditch the manual processes and focus on more HR services that benefit both the company and its employees. But, keep in mind that technology may also backfire if it’s not the right choice for your organization.

“Organizations that successfully adopt sophisticated HR technology tools outperform those that do not."

Society for Human Resource Management

Choosing the best employee communication solution for your company can be an overwhelming task. Based on what we’ve learned from the HR Technology Conference 2022, here are two requirements that you need to consider for your internal communication tools.

Simplify your employee communications

1. Adopt a simple and easy-to-use employee communication app

Using technology to connect and communicate with your employees shouldn’t be daunting. In fact, the usability of an internal communication software should be so easy that you don’t need to involve anyone else – not even IT. That’s right – the simpler the tool, the faster it’ll get adopted by your entire workforce, including your dispersed frontline employees.

With years of experience in the field, we’ve understood that the best way to connect with your employees is through a user-friendly employee communication app. And what defines it as user-friendly? Familiarity. The fastest way to get your employees on board with a technological tool is through an app that they can understand and instantly use to connect with each other and with HQ. The simpler the internal communication app, the faster you reach your workforce with company news and updates. Forget training – the app needs to be second nature for everyone, no matter their background or age. What’s more, a simple employee communication app is especially practical for onboarding new employees, who are already overwhelmed with a ton of information; they can find everything they need in one place, easily and with no introduction at all.

The best part? You don’t need to concern yourself with setting up the platform. The employee communication app should be so simple that it integrates seamlessly with your HR system. Opt-in for a tool that mirrors the organizational structure of your company. That way when an employee joins or leaves – they’re automatically added or deleted from the system. And when an employee is promoted, their new position within the company is automatically visible in your employee communication software for everyone to see – no extra headache for you.

Get started with your company-branded employee app

2. Use one internal communication software that integrates with all your tools

When choosing an employee communication app, you want it to be as easy as possible to use. Besides the simple interface and user-experience, it also needs to be less demanding and time-consuming. How does that work? Use an app that integrates with all the other HR and communication tools that you already have. Picture one app, a single sign-on (one place, one password), to access everything you or your employees need to do their job. That’s one internal communication mobile app for your employees to view payslips, check and manage their shifts, clock in and out, etc. In fact, the simpler and easier you make it, the better the employee experience. Ultimately, happier employees lead to increased retention for your company.

And when it comes to HR and management, using one app for employee communication – one place for everything – is just more productive. It saves you the hassle of having too many tools for different aspects of your HR job function, and instead becomes time-efficent and cost-effective. How? You’ll be left with less manual work and more data to track – more results to share with management. As an HR professional with the right internal communication software, you’re able to spend more time focusing on your people and providing the employee experience you want to deliver.

In a nutshell

It’s simple; while internal communication softwares are practical, those that are outdated make for a bad employee experience. Choosing the right employee app to communicate with your workforce is key, and can have an impact on your business’ growth. Make sure that it makes your life easier, not harder, by adopting a simple employee communication software that integrates with all your tools.