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Workplace by Facebook is Shutting Down: What's Your Next Move?

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Many of us woke up (or went to sleep) to the news that Workplace by Meta is calling it quits. Especially if your organization has been a loyal user of Workplace by Meta, this news might have left you wondering what to do next. Change may seem bitter but remember, it’s often the door to something even better.

11 Signs It’s the Right Time To Invest In An Employee App

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Are you noticing dwindling workplace productivity? It may be due to a suboptimal internal comms structure. Watch out for these 11 signs indicating it's about time to invest in an employee app.

21 Internal Communications Metrics That Matter Most (& How You Can Track Them)

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Regularly monitoring the efficacy of your internal communication strategy is essential to proactively identifying and addressing any gaps. But which are the most critical internal communication metrics you should be tracking? We’ve compiled them in this blog. Read on to learn about them and find quick ways to improve performance in those areas.

The #1 Misconception in Employee Comms: "We Already Have a Tool for This"

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Employees confused by scattered info? "We already have a tool for this!" is the #1 misconception standing in your way to successful internal communications. Learn why a central platform is key for clear communication & a happy workforce.

5 Stages to Launching an Employee App Your Employees Will Actually Use


Learn the 5 secrets to launching an employee app your employees will actually use and love. From building anticipation to keeping users engaged, this guide will transform your app into a thriving online community that boosts communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Your Guide on How to Manage and Engage a Distributed Workforce


Follow these actionable steps to manage and engage a distributed workforce model to enhance business success.

Employee Newsletter Ideas to Boost Engagement in 2024

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If you’re wondering how to develop an engaging employee newsletter and want ideas on how to proceed, we’ve done the homework! This blog shares a list of meaningful newsletter examples and ideas. Dive right in and bookmark it so you always have something to start with.

12 Major Pitfalls When Relying on Whatsapp for Internal Communication

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Is WhatsApp your company's key internal communication tool? While WhatsApp may appear to be a convenient and free solution, relying only on it might lead to a myriad of issues in the long run. This article will look at the 12 primary problems of utilizing WhatsApp for internal communication and present an all-in-one solution to solve these challenges.

25 Employee Appreciation Ideas for Frontline Workforce

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Learn 25 creative employee appreciation ideas to boost morale, show you care, and improve productivity. From nature outings to escape rooms, find the perfect way to say thank you to your frontline team.

Performance Management and Employee Engagement: A Winning Formula for Frontline Teams

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This blog explains how synergy between performance management and employee engagement strategies is a winning formula for frontline teams. It covers practical strategies and dos and don'ts to help you maximize this dynamic duo's transformative impact. Ready to discover how to combine performance management and employee engagement for motivated, high-performing teams?