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Stay connected

Get important messages through to everyone, everywhere

Logistics Clients



Increasing productivity on the go


Connect real-time with all deskless workers, no matter their location.

Instant communication is key if there’s a roadblock—literal or otherwise—in your logistics process. A mobile communications app connects everyone in real-time and provides them with the information, training, news and feedback they need.


Company culture to make sure all your employees feel connected

Operating just like common social media platforms, the channel allows employees to interact. Use Events, Messaging and the intuitive Timeline to get to know your employees and build a relationship.



Use Polls to check information and generate feedback.

When you have a dispersed workforce, taking a temperature check of employee satisfaction isn’t always easy. Use the Polls feature to get the conversation going and follow up individually in Private and Group Chats.


Log-ins via mobile


Higher cut through of company news and updates


Increase in awareness of new work and safety instructions

Crunch the numbers

ROI Calculator

Many of our employees are on the move. At best, they visit the branch once a day and spend the rest of the time on the go and in direct contact with clients. With MyWISAG, we canfinally reach these colleagues and create an emotional bond with WISAG.

Ralf Hempel, Managing director - WISAG Facility Management GmbH

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