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Optimizing Success with Digital Employee Experience

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In today's digital age, the workplace is undergoing a profound transformation driven by the integration of technology and digital tools into daily operations. This shift has given rise to the concept of Digital Employee Experience (DEX), a multifaceted approach encompassing how employees engage with the digital side of their workplace. DEX focuses on enhancing how employees interact with the digital work environment, encompassing elements like the quality of digital tools, ease of use, and employer support. In this article, we will delve into the essence of DEX, its relevance in the contemporary work landscape, key components, and strategies for improvement.

Negotiating Your Internal Communications Budget? Make Sure You Cover These Four Essentials.

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Are you an internal communicator struggling with budget issues? Wondering how to build a business case that works in your favor? Well, we hear you. You're not alone, and your concern is as genuine as it gets.

Navigating the Employee Journey: From Onboarding to Success

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In today's rapidly evolving business world, talent is a key differentiator that separates successful organizations from the less successful ones. The former group realizes this and ensures well-rounded employee journeys. It’s common to see the most impactful leaders pay close attention to optimizing employee experiences right from the moment a new hire walks through the office doors, to their integration into the company culture, their professional development, and their ongoing journey toward success. There’s ample evidence that documents the benefit of this attention.

Building Trust in the Workplace: Tips & Tricks

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Trust in the workplace encompasses honest and transparent communication and relationships among coworkers, fostering an environment free from disloyalty or unethical behavior concerns. A recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review emphasizes that trust is not merely a desirable quality in the workplace; it is a vital element for the well-being and performance of organizations.

Fostering Mental Health in the Workplace: Revolutionizing Internal Communication for a Brighter Future

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Mental health encompasses our thoughts, emotions, and ability to cope with life's highs and lows. The global issue of mental health is rapidly gaining attention. Workplace stress stands out as one of the primary factors that adversely affect individuals' mental well-being, with up to30% of employees feeling unable to communicate the impact of stress to their employers honestly.

Watch out for these five internal communication trends in H2 2023

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Global workplaces today house employees from diverse backgrounds. While this creates a vibrant environment fostering creativity and innovation, customizing communication based on demographics simultaneously becomes vital. After all, in a mixed environment, it’s not uncommon to find seemingly innocuous messages getting misinterpreted due to cultural differences, and offending people.

An HR Director’s Insight: Your Frontline Needs an Employee App

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We caught up with Tara McKinney, Human Resources Director at Clarkson Construction Company, who has implemented the Speakap platform in three separate manufacturing and construction companies in the United States. The purpose? To engage employees, connect frontline employees with the head office and to generally increase reach and accessibility to company news and information. Here’s what she had to say about employee engagement and frontline communication.

5 Steps to Get Frontline Employees Excited About Change

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Let’s face it, digital transformation is only really successful when employees are on board. It’s critical that employees be part of the change that comes with implementing a new tool in the workplace, both for employee well-being and for the success of the tool. But, of course, getting all frontline employees to buy into that change can be a challenge.

5 Leadership Communication Trends You Need for Employee Engagement

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You’ve landed here because you know that leadership communications will influence the success of your business. In fact, the way you lead your frontline employees has a strong impact on employee engagement – and that’s no surprise. But, where do you start to create a positive impact and what strategies can you adopt that’ll contribute toward employee well-being?