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Bring communication to the factory floor

Connect workers across teams, shifts,and locations



Less work for workers


Build better collaboration

Bring workers together with one simple, mobile app. Everyone can send messages, share updates, and ask for feedback with a few taps.



The easiest machine to operate is the smartphone

Get important messages across. From safety updates to production line results, it’s easy to communicate to everyone in the company with Group and Private chats, News Updates, and Events.



Keep your workers safe

Proper training is the best way to keep your workers safe. Share instructions and tips by using the easiest machine to operate — their smartphone.


Increase in awareness of work and safety instructions


Higher awareness ofcompany news and updates


Increased sharingbetween colleagues

Crunch the numbers

ROI Calculator

To me, Speakap excels in how accessible it is. If you know how to use Facebook, which almost everyone does, you can use Speakap. It's this accessibility which makes it fun for me and my team to actively use and engage with the platform and with colleagues throughout our locations

Hans van der Ploeg, Team Leader Sales Support

Ready to keep your workers safe?

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