Why Your Frontline Workforce Needs Employee Engagement

Why is employee engagement important for growing companies? How can an employee engagement platform improve frontline communication? What are the benefits of using an employee hub?

We caught up with Ties Guensberg, Sales Director (NL) at Speakap, to hear about the impact that employee engagement has on frontline employees.

Why is employee engagement important?

Well, I think that employee engagement is one of the most important things within a company. And the main reason is that it's the employees that build the company, and not the product. And great employees are engaged employees, because they're much more connected to the company. That means that they're less likely to fill in sickness forms or to leave the company for better opportunities. Engaged employees are more likely to work harder, and to pay more attention to their work. That affects every aspect of the company, from productivity to sickness days, among other things. 

What are common challenges companies face when engaging frontline employees?

Many companies have a large amount of non desk employees. And engaging those employees who are remote, can be a challenge in itself. Companies are built in layers, which means that the line of communication is often more difficult to manage. For instance, you have the company headquarters, the area managers, store managers, team leads and frontline employees. With all those layers, it's often a big challenge to send important information from headquarters down to the workfloor. And if that information does not reach, then that employee will not be engaged.

What are the benefits of using employee engagement tools for company leaders?

So using employee engagement tools, such as an employee app (or a hub that includes all the tools in one place), is extremely important for company leaders to reach all their employees. With the right employee engagement platform, the C-level is able to make sure that their staff is on the same page, and that they receive the same information at the same time. Because with the right employee engagement tool, you're able to integrate all your favorite tools in one place, be it a roster too, a workforce management tool or an e-learning tool. An employee hub integrated with all your employee engagement tools will ensure the right reach with the right message, at the right time. And as an employee, you're never logged into all those employee engagement tools at the same time.  You always have to skip through them, which is why you miss information. So if you implement an employee hub, it's really beneficial for both the company leaders, but also for the employees.

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