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Instant, discreet communication with all employees wherever they work

When your reputation is only as good as your people, it’s essential that you can communicate quickly and effectively with all your employees. That can be an enormous challenge for organizations that manage large numbers of employees over a wide range of locations. The ability to do all of this - in a platform that employees love and find easy to use - is what sets Speakap apart as the perfect choice for the security industry.


Increase awareness of new work and safety instructions


Higher cut through of company news and updates


Of Speakap logins are via mobile

Deliver a great employee experience every day

Close collaboration, continuous feedback, on-the-job training and seamless communications between all employees can help your people deliver the very best service to all your clients. By connecting all on-site employees, site managers and head office, your whole workforce can be provided with the information, training, news and feedback they need in real time, and provide feedback to their managers and head office just as quickly.


Speakap connects and empowers security organizations

Employees who don't work in an office or a single location often feel disconnected from their organization and - especially in big staffing solutions providers - from each other. Meanwhile, client managers are looking for ways to connect with and engage their teams, to get their feedback, and to improve retention and training. Intranets, newsletters, company magazines and bulletin boards don’t provide a dynamic, real-time, measurable, two-way option. Speakap does.

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  • Reach every employee
    Broadcast official company news and important announcements and updates directly to all employees, or even to a specific location or department.
  • Boost engagement
    Celebrate achievements and awards, recognize business milestones, welcome new hires, and share information on the latest openings, menu changes or packages.
  • Improve communication between your venues and head office
    Create a real-time flow of information between on-location employees, site managers, head office and even suppliers, to improve service, increase turnover and turn your customers into loyal brand advocates.

Learning to communicate creates more energy on the work floor

Positive behavioural change doesn't happen just by chance - the only way to succeed is if new habits match the culture of the organization and the employees. Learn more from the trainers at Breaking Habits - a company that specializes in behaviour between people, and has worked with clients such as Heineken, Ikea and Shell.

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