4 Proven Tactics to Reach, Train and Engage Your Frontline Employees

A webinar by MobieTrain and Speakap.


What will I learn?

About this webinar

Reaching dispersed employees with the information they need can be frustrating. While corporate employees have a variety of tech toolkits to communicate with each other, frontline employees are often difficult to connect with, engage, and train. Meetings and emails just don't fit in their workday, and instead, they're left with analog methods such as pre-shift huddles, manual clock-ins, and asking the person next to them for help.

Employee performance, productivity, and motivation affect your customer experience and business targets. Just look at the facts.
Companies with higher employee engagement see:
- 23% higher profitability — Gallup
- 10% higher customer loyalty — Gallup
- 147% competitor outperformance — Forbes

So, how do you connect with, engage and train your non-desk employees?
Join us to find out. Hear from specialists in the field who know your pains, and have built solutions for them.


Erwin van der Vlist
Co-founder & Product Expert at Speakap

Speakap is a mobile-first internal communications platform that helps you reach and engage your frontline and office employees.

Guy van Neck
Founder & CEO at MobieTrain

MobieTrain is the #1 mobile microlearning app for your frontline teams designed for companies to easily create their own branded learning tracks with their own training content.


We’ll dive into:

  1. How you reach everyone - everywhere
    Make e-learning accessible

  2. How you keep it relevant
    Train employees with the right content

  3. How to engage your non-desk staff 
    Empower your staff by giving them a voice

  4. Strategies to optimize your internal outreach
    Know what content is landing and what content is missing the mark